A Teen's Guide to Personal Growth
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Pardon the mid-week pop-up into your inbox, but this one isn't my usual Friday blog post.
Just announcing my new book, Rising to Greatness: A Teen's Guide to Personal Growth. It's a compilation of the online and in-person teaching workshops and curricula I've created over the last few years specifically designed for teens and young adults. (Although, plenty of us adults would benefit from some of the takeaways in these pages).
Each chapter will help teens build a more confident mindset, harness the power of positivity, and gain life-long skills to overcome anxiety and fears so they can achieve their goals and embrace their full potential.
The topics and activities within are interactive, meaning teens can read, learn, and be inspired to apply specific tasks immediately into their day. This will help them become stronger individuals when it comes to improving their mental (and emotional) health.
  • Achieving Goals
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Setting Intentions (and following them through with Accountability)
  • Finding Your Personal Values
  • Learning how to make Confident Decisions
  • Activating Greater Self-Confidence
  • Strategies to help Overcome Fearful Thoughts and Feelings of Anxiety or Worry
  • Practice Healthy Routines to Build a Positive Mindset
  • Harness the Power of Gratitude to move through life's challenges more smoothly
Message me if you want more details, but please feel free to forward this to any teachers or parents with teenagers who would benefit.  Available in paperback and on Kindle. :)
Thank you so, so much! Have a great week!
~ Christy
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~ Christy