The 5 Senses
Most people have never planned a large event, much less a wedding! You may be feeling overwhelmed, but you are not alone. In this age of social media and Pinterest, there is a vast amount of inspiration, but how do you even begin with so much to draw from?

And how do you make it feel like you, not like you just plucked it out of a Pinterest board? We suggest you start with the 5 senses. The most successful events will take into consideration all of the above! Read on my friend, you've come to the right place.
Think about how you could infuse your great taste into the wedding day? Perhaps it's a specialty cocktail, a favorite dessert or maybe your menu is planned entirely around first date meal? (If you can even remember that!) You could have your favorite mini cupcakes boxed up or a Philly pretzel bar for a proper snack send off at the end of your wedding. List your favorite tastes that you both love and let the creative juices flow! This is a really fun way to incorporate something into your event that is “just so you.”
How can you provide an experience using touch? Think about the elements throughout the day that your guests are interacting with, whether it be selecting a gorgeous letterpress on thick cardstock for your paper or the linens at every place setting. Do you want soft and romantic or something tailored and neat? Consider your fabrics, paper and elements that your guests will take home when brainstorming here!

Grab a pen and paper! It's so incredibly effective to actually write down what you want, it helps you to take the space and time to start dreaming and opening your mind up. It can be so overwhelming to plan a wedding, we get it. Start with this simple prompt. Write down each of the five senses, sight, taste, sound, touch & scent. Ask yourself the questions that have been posed in each category above and think about the things within each sense that matter to you. Just start writing and you may surprise yourself! You might start to see that either you really are passionate about certain elements or you may also discover that you don't have a strong opinion and that also says a lot too. If you're really stumped, fear not! We can help, we are the experts here. Click the button below and we'll get you started!

With love and blessings,