Weekly DiVa | Dec 10 2023
Hi Hi Hi!
How was your week? Is this holiday madness wreaking havoc on your life, or have you leaned in and accepted all that is the merry joy of the season? 
I have, so far, put up a blind eye to the merriment and continued with my daily routine, which suits me just fine, except any minute now I'm going to crash into the proverbial Christmas wall and my ignorance-is-bliss life will shatter, leaving pieces scattered all around my feet. I predict that moment to come sometime this week. 
If you're in the Philadelphia area next Saturday, come to the Tredyffrin Library for an author meet and greet event! Several members of the Delaware Valley chapter of Sisters in Crime will be there, some with bells on, probably (this is not a judgment of people who wear bells, but it is that time of the year) (Hey, maybe the bell-wearer will be me!). We will have books to buy, coffee to drink, cookies or some other holiday treat, and lots of discussion of murder--something you might wish you could have at your family get-togethers this month :)
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I feel as if I'm coming out from under a fog. Five years ago this month, I moved cross-country from California, back to Pennsylvania. The move came with a massive lifestyle change, and I am able to admit that I spent some time shrinking away from the world while I slowly got myself feeling like myself. (I didn't know it at the time, but hindsight, yo, she doesn't lie.)
The one thing I did with any regularity was this Sunday email, so if this is the only way you've ever heard from me, then you might not have noticed that I stopped showing up in the book community. You should know that writing to you kept me sane and connected and I love having you on the other side of my emails. 
Over the past month, I've started showing back up on Facebook, and it's been fun. If you're there and you care to show up for my bookish posts, then you can follow me here: Facebook.
Why am I sharing this? Because sometimes what I'm feeling turns out to be what you're feeling, and we're stronger when we don't feel alone. If you find or found yourself backing away from life for a bit, that's okay. Take the time you need. And know that when you return, there's a whole community out there for you. 

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