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Dec Prompt 2 Check-In
The return of light or sound waves from a surface
The action of bending or folding back
A thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation
Consideration of some subject matter, idea, or purpose
How has reflection been sitting with you and what is it evoking? I feel like this prompt can take a bit more time to process and is something we can continue to think about throughout the month and into January. I'm also a firm believer of not forcing our creativity so if a little extra brainstorming or playing around is needed, that's OK! This time of year can amplify the rush of getting all the things done so I hope within our creative practice we can find stillness and quiet and moments of rest and inspiration. And if you're curious how this prompt is looking like for others (I always am! :)), here's what some of our fellow artists have been making.

Pages from our latest prompt as well as recent creations that have been made!
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"I took advantage of the prompt ‘Reflection’ to look over my art table and examine all the bits and pieces hanging around that I had either set aside with interest or that had been left over trimmings from previous projects.
Very quickly I started gluing them into my sketchbook. I had torn into several pieces a card that a friend had sent after my dog died and I kind of focused a little on his name ‘Rusty’ in the collage. I didn't pre-plan any of it or consider the layout before I started gluing and this is the result! A reflection on my art scraps and dog!!" - Claudia
I love how Rusty is showing up in Claudia's artwork, this way of using things you've saved but haven't used yet, and using up the extra bits and pieces from other projects! Take a moment to look at all the different things Claudia included.

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“Too soon for me to look back on 2023 so this final prompt entry for the year is my attempt at reflections using a new medium: soft pastels. Oy vey, I’m not very good with this medium … off to find my watercolors.😂” - Vanesa I love that Vanesa tried something new--I feel like that's the only way we truly learn whether we like a medium or not! I'm also very fixated on the texture of the paper!

For our first December prompt, Claudia created this piece using warm colors. I think the shading of the black is the perfect final touch making everything pop!

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My plan for reflection is to take pieces from every page I created and weave them together. I first took a pic of the pages and printed them out to use so I don't destroy the originals and now I'm playing around with weaving, the shape I want to create, and if I want to add anything to the weaving (maybe highlighting certain marks, adding some sparkle, or embroidery).

And that wraps up our final check-in for 2023! On Friday I will be sending a wrap up email with a few more ideas to try, a recap, and what's next. Please continue working on your pages and sending me pics or tagging me in posts so I can include them.
Have a great week ahead and I hope you are enjoying your December!
Talk to you soon,
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