Hey First name / RB Fan, We want to thank you for your loyalty, love, and support. We have made some updates to our loyalty program and are so excited to celebrate you and show you our gratitude.  Loyalty points are redeemable on any take-home products. 
Our app lets you check your points, make appointments, and purchase gift cards. The app is easy to use, and once you log in, you won’t have to log in again 👍
Redeem your loyalty points in take-home products
Example: $10, $20, $30 … up to $100 points to use on any product! 
You can receive points through services, online reviews, rebooking appointments, memberships, gift cards, packages, and referrals.
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Refined Beauty


*We calculate your points based on the net spend on services, rounded to the nearest dollar. The Net spend is the amount spent and services after returns discount and taxes have been deducted. Points will expire after 18 months. Points do not have a cash value and cannot be cashed out and can only be redeemed once you have received points in 1000 increments.