I have a gift for you 👇🏻
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First thing first, 
How are you First name / you?
I know holiday season can get a little busy for most of us 
and I truly hope you are doing well and still can find some time for yourself 🤍
It's been a while since we met here so I thought I could come back with a little gift :)
I share with you a 19 min standing flow 
where we explore a new way to get into warrior 1 & 2.
I hope you like it :)
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If you happen to like sharing on social media, 
remember to tag me so I can see your post/story on Instagram as I adore seeing you on the mat. 
If that's not your thing, that's perfectly fine too :) 
Enjoy your practice
xx,  Aurélie
Offering free content here, came from the desire to make yoga classes accessible to you,
no matter where you are financially.
For this to be sustainable for me, you need to understand that it 
cannot be a high budget, ton of preparation kind of thing, but still,  
there is value.
So, here is a gentle reminder of the conditions :
🤍 I film my personal practice  with whatever I have access to in the moment
🤍 I voiceover the video to guide you all the way 
🤍 it's me real and raw, no edit, messy hair, not so pretty background & funny angles
🤍 it's free  and for you to keep :)
🤍 There is no promised schedule, it comes when it’s ready