This message was carefully crafted in early December before Femily's offline 20 days off. Please pardon any ignorances of future/current events that happened while offline; she will address them, per usual, upon her return. 💋 🐅
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hello, 2500+ pals:
fellow queers + feminists. 
open-hearted world-changer clients.
Welcome to the love letter I send when the spirit moves me.
Our 2024 theme is doing good - while living well.
  • Not just thankless, grueling social change efforts.
  • Not simply bonbons + books on a faux fur, sunny sofa.
Here's why: My advocacy is enhanced by (sustained by) rest. And, restoration feels so sweet when I'm tired from campaigning for change, from pushing the envelope, the edges, the effort. 
I will be asking “How can we weave more delight into social-change moves?” ex. We can call our politicians in a rushed huff - or (might I suggest) at the start of a gorgeous nature walk, or from a lavender bath tub with sugar donuts on a doily. Conversely, I want to explore, "how do we embed liberatory ways into how we travel, spend, play, eat chocolate?…(i.e. how can we indulge - but not at the expense of other people's humanity, land, well-being?) 
That is my vision: both pleasure + progressive social change. Mischief + money-making + moves against racism + misogyny. Healing + humanitarianism + hedonism.  
Buckle up.
- Femily
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(a slide I share with clients who ask “why does it matter?”) 
Micro-aggressions, or “acts of exclusion,” are especially hurtful because they additionally remind the recipient of the mountain of similar degrading experiences and insults they and their communities receive.
"Microaggressions" are more like acid in an already open wound.
thought it was cute might delete later
My secret illustrated diary of 
my 2010's breakup
ensuing queer resilience.
(hint: I usually only send it to besties, but I know more of you will enjoy it.)
As “Silicon Valley's Gender/Inclusion Advisor” - this disparity is what I find when I do “listening sessions” to help leaders understand why women employees are having a “much less ideal work experience” 🙄  than male colleagues are. 
Especially women of Color; even more especially Black women.
How do Women + LBGTQAI+s 
Get Clients
Corporate + Online + Brick&mortar. Individual (like coaching) and group (i.e. programs + retreats). 
Got insights? Share them + let's break the secrecy around this together. 
(p.s. I'll absolutely share back the results with you so we can all soar. 
(There is enough good work for all of us!)
“I know I should market myself more, but 
I don't like to, don't know where to start, and don't have the time…”
Discover your authentic self-promotion style and the perfect platform to showcase your personality. Whether you lean towards an academic approach, spiritual vibes, left-brained strategies, or prefer to steer clear of social media, spend 60 minutes a week from January to March exploring and refining your unique self-promotion journey.
If you're a BIPOC and/or a trans person in a financial tight spot right now, (hell yes, including non-binary pals), 
use the code SPONSORED for 50% off - - - and SUPPORTED for 33% off (everyone else in a financial pinch). 
For you: 2 (urgent) monthly lessons: 
my 2024 hair goals:
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Actually, just email me to see if I can help, lol. :)
do good
live well 
xoxo, FEMILY
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