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December 2023 Newsletter
"One Luxurious Breath"

I know we talked about this last month, but this time of year is wild. 
You are energized. You are exhausted. 
You feel festive. You feel frustrated. 
You need to see people. You need to NOT see anyone. 
It is a holiday-themed mental rollercoaster
I am going to keep this brief, because, if you are anything like me, you just don't have the bandwidth or the brainpower to deal with lots of words right now. 
Try, when you can:
  1. To keep up the routines that support you, whatever they may be, in whatever modified way you need can.
  2. To steal a few moments for a walk outside to clear your mind, get some quiet and connect with yourself.
  3. To, if all else fails, offer yourself this: One Luxurious Breath. (Shout out to Emily, my own therapist, for this one. It has been a game-changer.)
Sending you all so much love and light. See you in 2024. 
All the best,
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