Photo taken at my dear friend Claire's 
‘evacuation’ home in Yountville 
by our mutually beautiful girlfriend Melanni
To allow,
I have been sitting with this word, concept really as it came up in a recent meditation.
Am I ‘allowed’ to call myself a Yogi?
A practice I was first introduced to at 16 years old in the mountains of Leadville, Colorado by a man who happened to be my history teacher and whose wife, Julie, in time not only became a Yogi but also one of my most cherished friends.

I find that this journey of life is a lot easier when we allow. Allow our emotions, others actions, desires to simply be versus trying to understand and place under some category. 

After ruminating on whether my drive for expansion is supporting my personal growth or keeping me in my comfort zone of ‘being busy’, I have allowed myself rest this month.

What I have realized, and the topic of my most recent team meeting with my kitchen girls, is that true abundance is the balance of action and rest. The allowance of rest after being active is what allows us to feel abundant: full, satisfied, enough.

Instead of knowing when our next event will come in or how busy this next season will be, I am resting in trusting that we did our best this year and am confident that we get to do it again next year.

Something to think about as we round out 2023: 
What is it that you dream of most?

At my core, I am a nurturer.
When I have space, I am incredibly generous with my time. I am calm, deeply intuitive and creative. I am focused and disciplined. I am free spirited. And overall a mystic, swimming in rabbit holes of knowledge so that I can share my experiences with you!

Those who have been around me when I am ‘lit up’ would agree that you can feel the energy that pours out of me. We all have the ability to tap into this source. It’s ironically our higher self beaming when we acknowledge and bow to what it is we deeply know. There is no coincidence that the words currency and allowance are interchangeable with money.  Everything is frequency and a choice of what you allow and which current you plug into. 

One of my dreams is to be called on throughout life as I have been all my life through friendships and mentoring and most credibly, in 2018 with the birth of my son.

As we expand and evolve, I question how often we look back in the rear view mirror and acknowledge where we have been, what we have accomplished, how we have grown, who we have met, what we have listened to, tasted, seen, experienced and what we have to offer others: the best gift of all, service. Not out of martyrdom or pity, rather when you feel so abundant from being in balance that it feels SO good to give. 

What I know for sure is that when we have the desire, we are capable of receiving whatever it is. It requires allowance of time to hold the desire and then putting action behind the desire with one foot in front of the other, resting and letting go of ‘when’ until we are living the lives we once dreamed of.

What is it that you dream of most?

Our kitchen word for 2024 is experimenting.

We are a multi faceted team of extraordinary leaders, creatives, empaths, intuitives, mamas, students, daughters and friends supporting one another on the journey of making our higher selves as proud as can be while nourishing our community and those visiting our community as one of their dreams!
We will be experimenting all year with this concept of Abundance: balancing action with rest while creating an environment of love, safety and belonging; the trinity of what all of us ever truly need and are all after. 

What a pleasure as said in Kabbalah.

Until next time, stay kind and true to you and your dreams.
Natalie Niksa