It's almost the end of 2023, with the festive season around the corner.
Please note the festive closing dates for the admin office:
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The office will be closed from 25 December until 8 January.
Plan your trips well in advance as the admin office will not be available telephonically from 28 December until 4 January.
There will be NO permits on sale for Castle Gorge until 15 January. 
Dome Pools and Grootkloof permit sales are closed until 3 January.
Tonquani and Mhlabatini permit sales will close from 27 December until 5 January.


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Why your contribution matters
Your contributions are not just donations; they are investments in the future of the MCSA. They ensure that we can continue to offer access to, conservation of, and protection of the Magaliesberg. More importantly, they help us maintain our financial stability and independence, allowing us to make decisions that best serve our members and our mission.
A call to action: please donate
Every donation to the club, big or small, makes a difference. Your support in this crucial time will help us pay off our debts promptly and maintain a strong financial foundation. You can donate by transferring money via EFT with your annual membership fees, or you can donate through our web portal. Please consider a recurring payment, which will make a big difference over time.
It is not what the club can do for you, it is what YOU can do for the club.

News & Reminders
Our last tidbits of admin and member updates!
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A huge thank you to the conservation heroes who attended the Tonquani conservation meet! Their tireless efforts in checking for and removing those pesky blackjack seedlings have made a world of difference. The indigenous plants are already thanking you (even if they can't say it themselves!).
But beyond the visible improvements, it was your enthusiasm, camaraderie, and passion for conservation that truly made the day special. Seeing everyone working together, sharing stories, and laughing under the sun was a beautiful reminder of the power of community action. Even the scouts were inspired to join in!
Hoping to see everyone at the next BBB meet where we'll continue to work together to make a difference, one seedling at a time. And soon we'll be able to have that fleece-clothing party at Tonquani with no blackjacks sticking to us!
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We are calling upon all members for contributions for the MCSA's journal for 2023!
The Journal of the MCSA is an annual publication that serves as a record of the mountaineering-related activities of the Club's members. Each year, there are articles and illustrations focusing on the environment, the flora and fauna encountered in remote parts of our country and elsewhere, on search and rescue, and on the history, geology and archaeology of mountain areas. With this extensive range of content, the Journal is also an interesting, informative, entertaining and inspiring work, reflecting the spirit of adventure of the mountaineers and explorers of South Africa.
Guidelines, journal stylesheet, photo template and more documents about the journal can be downloaded from our website below:
If you have any questions, please send an email to jennyapaterson@gmail.com 

Explore. Discover. Connect. Protect.
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