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Evie falling apart from pleasure—from the ecstasy I created in her body—is damn close to the sexiest f**king thing I’ve ever witnessed.
It’s only beat out by the way my name breaks on her lips, the warm silk of her skin, the way she tastes—more potent than the strongest whiskey and more addictive than my favorite dessert.
She winds her legs around my hips and drapes her arms around my neck. Her cheeks are flushed pink, and her pouty lips beg for my mouth.
Who am I to deny their siren’s call?
Dropping my head, I tease her, ghosting my lips over hers. Once. Twice. She tunnels her fingers into my hair to hold me in place, and her tongue pushes against the seam of my lips. I can cede control—for now—so I open for her. She moans when her tongue finds mine, and my dick jumps. It’s already aching for more, screaming at me to finish what I started. To keep going until I’m buried inside her as we shatter together. But I refuse to rush this.
Her speed.
“F**k.” Ripping my mouth from hers, I growl the word against the damp skin of her neck.
Her hips lift against mine in silent demand.
“More,” she begs.
Ignoring the way beads of sweat dot my temples and spine, I trail my hands down her sides, grazing along her breasts while she moves restlessly against me. My dick has one destination in mind, and her movements only encourage it to reach for the promise of her heat. It’s taking everything to keep this torturous pace.
“Patience, little starling.”
I trace my lips and tongue along the line of her jaw to the soft skin below her earlobe and nip at the spot, then bite a little harder when her hands roam down my back to palm my a$$.
Mewling, she squeezes the globes to pull me against her. As if there’s any room to get closer.
“Do you like my teeth on you?” I ask.
“I f**king love your hands on me.”
She flexes her fingers against my a$$ again, and I thrust my hips against hers.
“More. Please.”
“Begging so nicely,” I murmur against the pulse that flutters wildly beneath the skin at the base of her neck.
Rolling, I yank her with me until I’m on my back and gazing up at her slumberous hazel eyes. The heat of her pussy soaks through the fabric of my sweats to my dick.
She wriggles her hips, and stars pop in my vision. The movement drags her breasts across my chest, and she sinks her teeth into her lower lip, but she can’t stem the moan of pleasure.
I did that. Me. It’s a heady sensation that adds to what’s building between us.
“I want you so f**king bad,” I admit, rotating my thumbs along her hipbones. But I’m terrified of the intense emotion that swirls in me and how petite she is.
I could never hurt her intentionally. But if I lose control, I just might. That thought sobers me, even as I struggle to yank back the control untethering with each rotation of her hips against mine.
She rubs back and forth across the front of my sweats. Her body is ready for the next step, but I need to ensure her mind is there too.
“Are you sure?” I ask.
Her nod is frantic.
“Give me your words, starling.”
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The story of my life…
As you can probably tell, this newsletter is in a little bit of a different order given the big book news I had to bring you today!
In addition to the big news, this will be my last newsletter for the year.
It's hard to believe another year has passed and 2024 is rapidly approaching.
My author bestie is coming up from Arizona to visit for the New Year and I can't wait to hang out with her, her hubby, and kiddos. It will also be the first time they're meeting D in person!
I hope all of you have an amazing and safe new year and I'll talk to you again next year!
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