Hot take: it rarely makes sense to outsource your paid ads to an agency or ads manager until you're spending $5K+ in ads a month.
This is the truth top ads expert Tara Zirker discovered after seeing behind the scenes of 5,000+ online businesses just like yours (and managing more than $5 million in ads budget/year for clients through her own ads agency).
If you’ve thought about running ads before but have felt intimidated about the tech, scared to waste money, or unsure you’ll be able to crack the code on a profitable campaign – then Successful Ads Accelerator is PERFECT for you. 

Tara’s helped thousands of small business owners like you learn how to create and manage their own Facebook and Instagram Ads with her simple step-by-step process (and when I say simple–I mean she has clients in their 70s who have been able to create successful campaigns using her systems.)
Here's how Successful Ads Accelerator works:
  1. Complete 6 step-by-step levels to become your own ads master (Tara and her team will teach you you how to bring your ads in house for less than the cost of one month of hiring an ads agency). You'll never have to outsource ads for your business again, unless you want to or the numbers justify it! (6 months of training & support: $10,000 value) 
  2. Unlock the 1:1 assistance of the Successful Ads expert team at each level for hands-on support inside your ad account (7 total 1:1 coaching calls and ad reviews to make sure you've set up everything correctly along the way - $2,000 value)
  3. Once you complete all six levels (you choose how fast you go), graduate to the Insider's Lab for the remainder of your six months in the accelerator ($1,000 Value). The Insider's Lab is like having a daily ad help desk and premium ad agency on speed dial - for a fraction of the investment. You can even choose to stay in the Lab on a month-to month basis once your 6 months in the Accelerator are up!
  4. You also receive a welcome gift, tickets to the LIVE and virtual mastermind graduation events, and additional bonuses to streamline your ads workflow & profitability ($3,000 Value) 
Curious what the 6 levels of Successful Ads Accelerator look like? Here's the visual breakdown for you:
Ok this offer is phenomenal, but will it work for MY type of business?
I'm so glad you asked. In short, YES.
Successful Ads Accelerator members are split between online businesses (coaches, content creators, courses/memberships etc.), brick and mortar retail shops, service providers, and eCommerce stores selling physical products

As a special gift to our community, Tara has covered the majority of your first payment installment so you can get instant access for only $297 $37 today (then 5 monthly payments of $297). 
Your entire investment in this 6 month Accelerator (~$1500) still costs less than just 1 MONTH of reliable ads support you'll find anywhere else.
The value is incomparable. 
If you’re tired of posting every day on social media and want to spend more time actually doing the work you love vs. trying to market yourself, join now and kickoff your 2024 with automated sales!
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