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December 22, 2023
President's Update
Welcome to the December newsletter! 
This month, and the past few months, my work has been to develop our organization and do my best to make sure folks have the tools, and the resources they need to do their work. 
We now have a chair and several members for our Large Enterprise Committee (thanks Pat!). In the coming months we will also be forming other committees representing different categories of members that will in turn elect a representative to serve on the executive board. The goal here is to make sure that the leadership of this organization is well informed by the perspectives of our diverse membership.
This month we’ve got bank accounts to open, a website to launch, and an election to conduct, a membership meeting to plan and a legislative session coming up where there are some real opportunities to have a positive impact on our industry.
Thank you to everyone, but especially the board members, committee chairs, and secretaries who are doing the heavy lifting to create this space for the tabletop community. It is a joy to be among you!

Ross Cowman

The Executive Board has been working hard on all the legal and foundational items that are required to stand up the organization. The committee also recently met with Shannon Halberstadt, the creative sector lead for the Department of Commerce, to learn about potential opportunities for our members (such as funding, workforce development, and proposals looking for comment).
In addition, Nicole Gunkle dropped by to talk about how businesses can reduce their export-related expenses by applying for an export voucher and asked us to help get the word out about this program.
What we've done this month:
  • Articles of Incorporation are complete! We are official!
  • We have acquired an EIN (for tax identification purposes) and it’s been uploaded to our wiki for preservation.
  • Executive Committee received required fiduciary training.
Action items that are in progress:
  • Reviewing and solidifying our organizational bylaws.
  • Working on building out our website.
  • Wiki is available but barebones; working on building out structure.
  • Working on getting our W-9.
Some quick updates from us! A light meetup ahead of the Hops with Hobbs event went well. It was a lot of fun to chat and connect! Thanks to everyone who made it out.
There’s a “Day on the Hill” planned for February. Details will be forthcoming as the plan is finalized.
The Japan Game Market is happening May 13-14, 2023! Here are some details on our attendance:
  • We will have a 10 meter squared area
  • 6 companies from Washington will demo in a dedicated display area of “what we make in Washington state”
  • We are preparing a “Trip acceptance” criteria to ensure people chosen for the trip will have the best opportunities and undivided focus on success.
    • A list has been established and we are working with those people/companies to get a confirmed list.
  • Early conversations with Arclight about translation, in a contracting role (likely a paid option, but an established gaming company in Japan)
  • Working on a scheduled event for a “cultural training” at the japanese consulate in Seattle ahead of the trip
  • Attendees will be responsible for:
    • Own airfare to Tokyo and back: $1,200-$1,500 round trip
    • Own room at Asakusa View Hotel: $150-$200 per night
    • Own food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
    • Local transportation costs to and from the market
    • Shipping own products for sale at the market
  • Step Grants are currently being worked on for the trip. More info about the grants will be in future announcements.
The Large Enterprise Committee had its first meeting on December 12th. The purpose of this committee is to advocate for, and represent the needs of our larger corporate members. The committee will be meeting monthly and is currently chaired by Patrick Day, with support from Jordan Weisman, and Brian Lewis. The committee is in the early stages of establishing its mission and recruiting new members. 
Action items in progress: 
  • Advocating for R&D Tax Credits for publishers
  • Developing a report on the economic benefits of the tabletop industry
  • Help to position Washington State as the global leader of the tabletop industry in the eyes of the public
  • Bring manufacturing to Washington State

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TGA Annual Membership Meeting
February 1st 
211 4th Ave East
Olympia, WA 98501
We are in the early stages of developing the schedule of events for our annual membership meeting. This will likely include a morning breakfast / orientation followed by a Day on the Hill event where members have the opportunity to meet with their state representatives and advocate for the tabletop industry. That afternoon there will also likely be a formal vote for our board of directors followed by some gaming and socializing.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Updates
We make DEI a priority in the work that we do and we are currently attempting to fill roles focused on DEI. As we grow and expand, we are also working to build out our anti-harassment policies. More updates to come on both of these fronts!
Tabletop Game Alliance Resources
Export Costs Reimbursement 
If eligible, a business can get reimbursed for some export costs; this could be a benefit for anyone doing business overseas.  More info about the requirements and how to apply here:
Don't forget to submit your newsletter submissions by January 5th. We look forward to hearing from you!