When was the last time you reflected 
on your day and thought…
 “Damn I had a great time on Instagram…"

…Never? Me neither.
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My first child was born in July. 

I had imagined that I would be so filled with wonder, so engrossed in every moment that I would have no desire to open Instagram. 
But I was wrong. 
Long nights in the rocking chair, daytime hours where I'm too tired to function but too wired to sleep...if anything I'm more prone to pull out my phone for mindless escape. 
And beyond just getting pulled into the algorithm, I feel pulled to tell my story as a new parent, to document the journey in a public way. I don’t even know where that comes from, but all the super successful Instagram people seem to do it, and the thought distracts me more than I'd like to admit.
Social media is a massive presence in our lives, and anything taking so much space better bring us immense joy. But it doesn’t. Not for me at least.
So in 2024 you won't find me on Instagram.
Instead, I am deeply excited to put more into connecting with you via this newsletter. I love crafting artful emails, and this year I will be expanding that practice to share more personal projects and interesting new content that is written from the heart. 
More emails about becoming a parent – the beauty and the struggle too.

About personal projects, like a journalistic film series of my family (coming soon).
About what it looks like to distance from social media (as a photographer, no less) in 2024.
Thanks for being here. If you've got a friend who you think might enjoy following this journey, please send them right here.
Here's to '24!
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