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January 2024 vol. 1

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As we reflect on the year 2023, we wanted to start by personally thanking each of you for inviting us into your homes.  It's a great honor to provide your families with food that's not only delicious but clean, natural, and nutrient dense.  As a member of the family, we have shared struggles and our victories each week.  
Day-to-day it’s hard to see the progress we are making as most of the energy is spent on the struggles, but now, as we take a break at the end of the year to reflect, we see that we continue to move the needle forward. As spreadsheets don’t lie, let’s take a look at the numbers:
Our sales are up 28% over last year – $214k in Net Sales!  My goal for 2023 was to break $200k so I’d say we CRUSHED IT.  Thank you so much.  This is due exclusively to volume, having completed 4,402 transactions (up 33% over last year) while averaging $48/transaction (down 4%).   This is very encouraging; reflecting the growing demand for local, pasture-raised meats.  This is building on the trend we saw on the heals of COVID, with more people awaking to the realization that food is life, and that “the experts” may not have all the answers.  As to the bottom line, our gross profit has risen to 25% yielding us an hourly wage of $15.73 (up from $14.90 in 2022).   Still a long way from champaign and caviar, but we love what we do and we don’t have to pay for our proteins. 
More specifically, we sold over 7,500 lbs. of beef (almost double last year), 7,000 lbs. of chicken (a 40% increase), 3,000 lbs. of pork (flat to 2022), and 650 lbs. of lamb (slight increase).  The huge jump in beef production was possible due to the additional 68 acres of land we leasing a few miles from the house.  This has almost doubled our pasture.  
This was extremely important as we are still recovering from 2 consecutive years of drought.  With hay prices double what they were in 2021, this additional land literally saved the farm.  Many ranchers sold all of their cows over the last two years and as a result, prices for replacement heifers are through the roof.  Just last month I took 6 one year old heifers to auction and got almost double the price I’ve gotten in years past. 
We are optimistically looking forward to 2024, and even if the numbers start to move in the other direction, being good stewards of the land is a reward unto itself.    We truly enjoy raising animals and transforming our little piece of heaven into a thriving ecosystem, but the most rewarding part is getting to engage with you.  Receiving your feedback and praises is always a blessing.  Your cards and text messages at Christmas melted hearts and lifted spirits.  We are ever thankful to be considered “friends and family” and look forward to growing the Amber Oaks family even more.

Important Notice: Temporary Absence in January
We will be out of town from January 7th through January 14th. During this period, please note that we will not be able to attend the following markets:
  • Chaparral Crossing Sunday Market on January 7th
  • Pflugerville Pre-Order Drop-Off on Tuesday, January 9th
  • Elgin Farmers Market on Thursday, January 11th
  • Heritage Square Farmers Market on Saturday, January 13th
However, we are pleased to inform you that our son, Jordan, will be representing us at the Domain Farmers Market on Saturday, January 13th.
Please also be aware that we will not be processing any pre-orders during this timeframe, including those for the Domain Farmers Market.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding and continued support. We look forward to serving you again soon upon our return.
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REMINDER: We bring pre-orders in to the Pflugerville market location on each Tuesday the market is closed. 
Be sure to place your order before noon that Tuesday. 


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