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β€œThe beginning is always today.”
β€” Mary Shelley
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Narrated by Amy McFadden
Duet narration by Troy Duran & Mackenzie Cartwright
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SFN: What gave you the idea to add narrating audiobooks to your life and career?
AMcF: Quite frankly, the film/commercial cameras keep getting better and my face and butt keep getting worse, so I was looking for something off-camera.
Also, this work is intellectually and emotionally so engaging that it lights me up. I live in Michigan, about 45 minutes from Brilliance Audio. So I sent them a demo and got called in to audition. It was glorious to work there with engineers and directors. I learned so much from them, and from veterans like Kate Rudd, Tanya Eby, Nick Podel and Luke Daniels, among others. I've been incredibly fortunate (like, literally it's incredible--hardly believable) to be able to work a LOT in this field of acting. It keeps me sharp and connected to text and to the parts of myself I bring to every book, and every piece of acting. I try to do a stage show once a year to have a chance to interact with other actors and make magic with other humans in real time, too!
SFN: Could you please tell us how you prepare to voice a character that is written with a dialect or accent that is new to you?
AMcF: I have condensed methodology for learning/brushing up accents. My college roommate, Siiri Scott, is an accent rockstar, and the head of Acting and Directing at Notre Dame (Go Irish!) so she has taught me a lot. I listen, listen, listen to as many native speakers as I can and do all of the tedious (but also super fun) phonetics work. I get to a point where I can just use the accent in daily life so that the character sounds like a real person. Being technically perfect at the accent isn't as important as playing a person with a heart and soul, wants and needs. If you want to geek out about this with me, here are the 4 Basic Steps: Vowel Substitutions, Consonant Substitutions, Musicality and Attitude. I taught 2nd grade for a long time, so phonics is kind of a superpower of mine.
SFN: What is your least favorite word to pronounce in a narration? What is your favorite word to roll around in your mouth?
AMcF: Well, I gotta call out Kait here. She gave me the phrase Rural Tourism in multiple books. That phrase always sounds ridiculous, even when I get it correct. BUT! Kait sent me a wonderful mug (see pic) so that made it all worth it. Yes, I am mug-motivated.
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SFN: Do you split your recording day between multiple projects or do you work through one book before moving on to another?
AMcF: Oh, wow. I don't think I could ever mentally do two different projects at once. It's hard enough to do fixes for one book and then record my current project.
SFN: What are you reading/watching/eating/whatever floats your boat these days that you want everyone else to try?
AMcF: I think everyone should have a tube of Nestle's chocolate chip cookie dough in their fridge, which you can eat raw with a fork, or bake into actual cookies like a not-animal. And I am totally into Eddie Bauer fleece-lined zip up hoodies. These things are not inspirational per se, but they make me happy, especially during Midwest winters.
SFN: What's the oddest object inside your booth?
AMcF: A stuffed sloth. It was a gift from Camilla Monk, because she has a killer sloth in one of her books. It was terrifying. And hilarious. Also I keep a wrench in there in case my booth door handle breaks or I get trapped during a rogue flood or something else equally probable, like that sloth coming to life.
Don't miss our new release featured above with Amy's narration, Kilty Pleasures by Kait Nolan. And many thanks to Amy for providing us with our very first blooper reel, from the book Love, Lies and Hocus Pocus Cat Mischief by Lydia Scherrer!
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