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Greetings and Hello!
I wished someone a happy new year yesterday, even though we were basically fully done with the first month of the year. So I start this first newsletter of 2024 with that same wish to you: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I know we're IN IT. The holidays and time off may seem like distant memories, but that won’t stop me from wishing you a year filled with power and joy. Mine has already been a whirlwind -- welcoming new family members, forming exciting new strategic business partnerships, and preparing for Liberated Development’s 5th birthday later this year. (Apparently 5 is the year of wood, so if you have cool wood-related ideas for me to mark this milestone, please let me know.)
I’m going to dive right into the month’s newsletter, but will offer you this liberation stories playlist as I go. I’m a sucker for good storytelling and I ran across this resource that combines two things I love: storytelling and liberation. The stories are from folks from all walks of life, and illustrate how we can reclaim our power and liberate ourselves from things that hold us back.
There’s actually a bit more storytelling waiting for you below. Accompanied by a resource reminding you of the value of group agreements, as well as a fun brain break invitation. Take 5 minutes and scroll down. (And if you’re so inclined, respond back and let me know how long it took you to complete that brain break puzzle 🙂)
Thanks for being with me on this journey. You are appreciated! 🎉
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Wishing you a bit more liberation every day!

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