Look how far you've come
Hey First name / friend,
As 2024 emerges, look how far you’ve come! What hurdles did you climb? What strengths did you gain? In what ways were you stretched? I feel grateful for the lessons learned (some were not my choice) in 2023.
I look forward to living my best Wyld life in 2024.
New Year’s resolutions lost their luster about ten years ago. I found that resolutions tended to be “actionable” and myopic. For example, in 2024 your goal is consistency. All the right brains, nod and agree. “Yes! Consistency is my goal for 2024! Here! Here!”
Is consistency what you truly desire? Consistency comes at a cost, often a mental one. If I cannot be 100% consistent, does that mean I am a failure? In one year from now, will I be able to see my progress with consistency as my goal? What is the gap and gain? Am I setting myself up for disappointment, judgment, or even failure?
What if I make a goal to consistently lift weights five times a week. I get sick and need to rest? I go on vacation and there is not a gym? My family or loved ones have needs that supersede my ability to lift weights? In the name of consistency will I ignore my intuition? Am I a failure?
The question to ask is…WHY do I want “consistency”? Are there parts of my life that feel uncared for, out of control, or neglected? What if the emotion behind consistency is valuable, worthy, capable, resilient, deserving, or empowered. No matter what gets thrown at you, these powerful words can help you to continue and perhaps inspire you. Don’t take my word for it. Take it for a spin.
“I am so proud of myself. I am consistent.” 
“I am so proud of my growing resiliency.”
Can you see how resiliency can bless the rest of your life and how consistency can compartmentalize and potentially keep you stuck in perfectionism or an all or nothing mentality? Let’s dig a little deeper and find the “why” or the “emotion” for 2024. If you have a moment, please share your word on our IG post here!
Wishing you a Wyld 2024!
PS. My 2024 words are “Bold” and “Ease”.
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