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Dec. 29 - Jan. 5
New York City welcomes in 2024. Credit - Reuters/Andrew Kelly.
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2023 In Review
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As we welcome in the new year, the Foundation to Combat Antisemitism is looking back at 2023 through our Command Center, which monitors over 300 million online data sources and analyzes how conversations around antisemitism manifested throughout the year.
According to the Command Center, discussions around antisemitism rose by over 330% over the course of the last year, as the significant spike can be attributed to the October 7th Hamas attack against Israel, the resulting war, and the subsequent increase in antisemitism. Online conversations after the war commenced accounts for approximately 80% of all conversations around antisemitism in 2023, driving a 1,200% increase in posts online and a 78% increase in daily posts on social media. The highest number of online mentions on a single day occurred on October 9th, with over 19 million posts.  
The single most discussed event on social media other than the war was #BanTheADL which gained traction on X in the fall after users posted antisemitic messages directed at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). #BanTheADL was mentioned over 280,000 times, which comparatively is less than one percent of mentions of the war since October 7th. 
Conversations around the Holocaust and Holocaust denial were also prominent, driven by the increased presence of Neo-Nazi groups in America. Holocaust related conversations have continued to dramatically increase since the Israel-Hamas conflict began, with pro-Palestine users drawing comparisons between Israel and its response to the Nazis and the Holocaust. There was also significant growth in conversations about college campuses, mirroring the rise in antisemitic activity at universities across the country.

FCAS also analyzed the increases in specific terms on social media and found that mentions of “kill Jews” grew by over 800% throughout the year. Likewise, mentions of “Hitler was right” increased by 400%, mentions of “river to the sea” increased by 4,500% and mentions of “1488,” a common antisemitic dog whistle used by Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, increased by over 120%.

Hamas Terrorists
River to the sea 
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Claudine Gay Resigns
Total Mentions: 171.75K | Individual Accounts: 102.6K | Total Retweets: 115.1K
Total Impressions: 2.53B | Total Reach (estimate): ~285.9M
Harvard University President Dr. Claudine Gay resigned from her position Tuesday amid criticism of her performance at last month’s congressional testimony on campus antisemitism and accusations of plagiarism in her academic writing. Gay’s resignation marks the shortest presidential tenure in the university’s history, and follows University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill’s resignation last month after the same hearing.
Some users on social media celebrated Gay’s resignation and expressed hope for more institutional change at college campuses to properly address antisemitism and protect Jewish students. Several users also criticized Gay’s letter for not including the word “antisemitism” in it and deflecting blame.

Other users lamented Gay’s resignation and said they considered it a loss for free speech. Some claimed that the recent process to weed out antisemitism in college campuses is a “witch hunt,” led by Zionists who do not allow criticism of Israel. A few users theorized that Zionists “eliminated” Gay, a black woman, who is being succeeded by Interim President Alan Garber, framed as a “white Zionist man.”

Claudine Gay
Alan Garber
Congressional testimony

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New Years
Total Mentions: 141.64K | Individual Accounts: 93.7K | Total Retweets: 103.8K
Total Impressions: 711.47M | Total Reach (estimate): ~165.04M
Pro-Palestinian activists took to the streets and were active on social media over the holiday weekend, continuing to advocate against Israel. Protests took place around the globe on New Year’s Eve, including in Boston and New York City, and protesters blocked access to the John F. Kennedy International Airport to “Flood JFK for Gaza" on Monday. Many people posted online in support of Palestine ahead of the new year, renewing efforts to demand a ceasefire and expressing hope for a free Palestine in 2024.

Conversations online also discussed how Hamas fired over 20 rockets at Israel at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Several videos posted online from Tel Aviv showed revelers rushing to find cover during the rocket fire, disrupting a peaceful celebration and causing fear among Israelis. Users on social media condemned the attacks and highlighted Hamas’ actions and attempts to terrorize the Israeli people.

Happy New Year
New Year's Eve
New York City

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Hamas Deputy Leader Killed
Hamas deputy leader Saleh al-Arouri was killed by a drone strike in Beirut, Lebanon, Tuesday along with six other Hamas members. Hamas blamed the attack on Israel, which has yet to confirm or deny its involvement in the strike. The event drove significant online conversation, as al-Arouri is the most senior Hamas leader targeted since the beginning of the war. While some celebrated his assassination, others expressed concern of potential escalation of the conflict.
Israel to Appear at the International Court of Justice
The South African government filed proceedings against Israel before the United Nations’ International Court of Justice (ICJ) Wednesday for Israel’s alleged violations of the Genocide Convention, claiming human rights abuses against Palestinians. Israel said it will defend itself and accused South Africa of blood libel for targeting the only Jewish state in the world.

Conversations online emphasized the significance of South Africa accusing Israel of apartheid, given its own political history. Notable figures, including former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, condemned South Africa for targeting Israel. Other organizations, including the BDS Movement and world governments issued statements of support for the case against Israel.
Fake Picture Goes Viral
A viral photo of a billboard with the phrase “Ceasefires Are Anti-Semitic” next to the Israeli flag was debunked as an altered image after going viral Sunday. The original text of the billboard says “Be Human. Stand for Israel,” but was manipulated by anti-Israel activists to stoke outrage online. Anti-Israel activists criticized the text of the false billboard, calling it anti-peace “propaganda,” and countless antisemites hijacked the comment sections of X posts using the billboard with conspiracy theories that Jews run New York City and the media. This is part of a greater trend to spread disinformation online and turn public opinion against Israel.
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