January 2024
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Notes From Our President
Welcome 2024! Can we take a second to appreciate how awesome 2023 has been for TFPA? It is all because of our board members, officers, and you, our members! Thank you for being a part of this organization.
As we dive into the new year, let's briefly review our activities from fall of 2023.
  • In October was the annual dove hunt. $15,000.00 was donated to The Combat Marine Outdoors and we had our largest attendance.
  • The scholarship process at Texas A&M was updated and were able to make a donation to the TAMU Endowment fund which in turn grants us two $1,000 scholarships each year to two Food Science Freshman. The scholarships interviews were conducted at both TAMU and Texas Tech.
  • The TFPA had a table at the Longhorn Institute of Food Technologist Supplier’s Night to encourage membership.
  • We supported a grant proposal for the USDA/TDA for Multistate Kimchi Research Initiative.
  • We continue to talk with TAMU professors about internships, and connecting TFPA members with prospective internship students.
  • Our www.tfpa.org website continues to be updated as well as our LinkedIn page, check them both out!
In late January the board and officers will hold the winter board meeting. This is when
most of the planning happens for the annual meeting in May. We want to hear from you
on who you want as speakers. Would you like to volunteer with the TFPA? Email us at
I hope to see you in May at the annual meeting in Southlake, Texas May 15-17.
Wishing you a fabulous 2024! Please read the rest of the newsletter for full details on all the incredible activities mentioned above.
Janet Adams
President TFPA 2023-2024

TFPA Updates
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Texas Tech University Scholarships
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Written by: Branndon Frail
On November 7th , myself, Kasey Myers (5C Custom Logistics) and Morgan Huffstutler
(National Foods) arrived in Lubbock to conduct the 2024 TFPA Student Scholarship
interviews. We were warmly greeted by Dr. Echeverry and Dr. Thompson in the Texas
Tech University Department of Animal and Food Sciences Building. Before us lie a tight
schedule of interviews with applicants pursuant of degrees in Food Science. After
numerous interviews with some of the most ambitious and engaged minds in this
program, difficult deliberations and decisions had to made. In due course, 3 applicants
were awarded scholarships.
Daniella Rodriguez of Weimar, TX, a first generation college student who had interned
at Vollerman’s Milk and wants to pursue her graduate degree with an interest in
microbiology in the dairy industry, was awarded $5000. Krithika Maki, whose goal is to
be the Director of the FDA and is currently working on 3 different research projects to
better understand how to integrate sorghum into the human diet was awarded $5000.
Kylie Ellis, who will be interning at Hydr8, pays her own way through college by working
nearly full-time. Kylie embodies tenacity and perseverance. Kylie applied last year and
employed suggestions left by TFPA into this years application and will be awarded
In reflection of these interviews with the emerging minds that will guide the next
generation of Texas food scientists, TFPA stands affirmed that supporting the ambitions
of these gifted students is the single most important goal of our association. Texas Tech
offers a robust and rigorous curriculum that hones the passion of these graduates and
our commitment to embolden these dreams is our mission. Interviewing these students
was invigorating and proves TFPA’s investment in Food Science graduates will foster a
lineage of success that paves the way to continued pioneering advancements in our
Texas A & M University Scholarships
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Written by: Reuben Marin
Here are a few highlights from our TFPA Texas A&M Scholarship Interviews:
Reuben Marin – Olam Food Ingredients
Stacy Lewis – New Mexico Green Chile Co.
Sydney Lewis – New Mexico Green Chile Co.
We interviewed 14 applicants from 10:00 AM until 2:15 PM.  The students were very impressive and overall the cumulative GPA of all 14 students was a 3.25, very impressive for our Food Science Majors.  One thing we took away was the importance of our Food Science Club.  The students were all very tight knit and it seemed like the Food Science Club brought everyone together.  About 6 of our students had summer internships confirmed or were waiting for confirmation from companies like; Kellogg's, HEB, Ardent Mills, PepsiCo.  We had one student Mallory Morelli from New Jersey who is on our Lacrosse Team. Another thing that was impressive was the students who worked 20 plus hours while taking a full load of classes or those involved in so many extracurricular activities.
Our top student was Meghan Martinez who is a Senior and has a 3.00 GPA and is in the Fighting Texas Aggie Band and a member of the Parson Mounted Cavalry.  We awarded $51,000 to the 14 students.
The Scholarship Committee congratulated the 2024 recipients of the TFPA scholarships. 

                 Finance                Membership Information
Please use the links below to provide membership updates, payments, or donations. 

Other Updates
Annual CMO Dove Hunt
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Written by: Katie Lee
We're thrilled to share the electrifying highlights of our recent Annual Combat Marine
Outdoor Dove Hunt and Skeet Shoot that took place on October 7th in the heart of
Jourdanton, TX! This year's event was nothing short of spectacular, drawing in a
fantastic crowd of 117 Service Members and their families.
Picture this: skeet shooting laughter echoed through the air, and our skilled hunters
reveled in a successful day with birds aplenty in the fields. Nature played its part with
perfect weather, adding an extra layer of joy to the festivities.
As the day unfolded, the excitement continued with a mouthwatering feast featuring
succulent Brisket, savory Sausage, and mouthwatering Ribs, accompanied by delightful
sides. A heartfelt shoutout to our local VFW heroes who volunteered their time to cook
up this feast, making it an evening to remember.
The festivities didn't end there – the night crescendo-ed with live music, creating the
perfect backdrop for friends and family to unwind and share in the joy of the day's
A massive thank you to the TFPA Board and our incredible members who went above
and beyond, ensuring everyone stayed refreshed with coolers brimming with cold water,
sodas, and delicious snacks throughout the afternoon. Your dedication and warmth truly
made this event special.
Let's keep the spirit alive! Stay tuned for more adventures and camaraderie coming your
Cheers to another memorable year of outdoor bliss!

The Internship Committee
  • ATTN: Food manufactures - Are you needing temporary interns for special projects this upcoming year? Audit support, QA Responsibilities, Product Development assistance.
  • ATTN: Students - Are you seeking an internship this year? Potential employer vetting, exercise Food Science & Technology Skills, gain experience, earn a paycheck all the while building your resume. TFPA is here to assist in connecting companies with qualified interns seeking internships. If so please contact:
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Associative Members
  • Attached is a flyer to help promote TFPA to potential processor members. Please share with processors as you see fit.
  • We have also added a recruiting video to the website. Click here to watch. If you think you know of associates who would be interested in joining The TFPA

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