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I’m not buying anything new this month.
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Last January, Ashlee Piper, Sustainability Expert, fellow organizer, and my business mentor, Shira Gill, inspired me to engage in the #NoNewThingsChallenge. Some may call it No Spend or Buy Nothing, but the gist is the same—no nonessential, unbudgeted new things.
For my family, the challenge has effectively disrupted impulse spending habits, reinforced budget adherence, and fostered creativity. While essential bills and variable expenses like groceries and gas remain, our discretionary spending, especially on platforms like Amazon, is curtailed, prompting a renewed focus on utilizing what we already possess.
Interested in joining me? You can start small with a week if a whole month seems daunting. I also experiment with this challenge in June, but you can do it whenever it works. This challenge is a game-changer in leading an intentional and organized life.
Please reply and let me know if you're up for it! 

GO Month
January is Get Organized or GO month. Even if you didn't know that, for many, a new year sparks motivation to declutter and organize, but the process can be overwhelming!
I'm here to provide tips, resources, and inspiration to meet you at any point in your organized living journey. I'm excited to share my recent features. If you listen to or read, please let me know your thoughts.

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I wish you a thriving and organized 2024!
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