Dear MCSA Members,

We are heartened to inform you that since our last security advisory, there have been no further security incidents on our Tonquani, Castle Gorge or neighbouring properties. This positive development is not only a result of our improved security measures but also due to our collaborative efforts with neighbouring properties to enhance their security, thereby increasing the overall safety of our area. In light of these efforts and the current stability, we have decided to cautiously reopen our properties.
  • We have conducted comprehensive armed security patrols in areas where incidents occurred. These patrols have helped ensure that, for now, these areas are free of immediate threats.
  • To maintain this level of security, we will implement armed observation posts and patrols during weekends throughout January.
  • Additionally, we are in the process of installing security trail cameras at key access points. We anticipate this will be completed by the end of the month and allow us to monitor suspicious activity.
Reopening of Properties
  • With these measures in place, we have decided to cautiously reopen our properties for our members and official club meets.
  • We urge members to remain vigilant. 
  • Please only travel in large, organized groups or attend official meets organized by the club. Information about these meets will be communicated in our newsletter.
  • Camping remains suspended for the time being. 
  • Day visits in groups are permitted, and the club will continue to organize official meets.
  • Permit holders' access will remain restricted until all security measures are fully operational.
Personal Safety AND Responsibility
  • We encourage each member to assess their comfort level and decide on visiting the properties based on personal judgment.
  • Safety is a shared responsibility, and we must all continue to be cautious, even as we take steps towards normalcy.
We understand that these are challenging times, but we are optimistic about the measures we have put in place. Your safety remains our top priority, and we are committed to continuously improving our security protocols.

Thank you for your understanding, support, and cooperation as we navigate these circumstances. We look forward to seeing you on our properties under safer conditions.
- JHB Section Committee
Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA)

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