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Make Time For You
Visiting our clinic on a regular basis, even when you're not in pain, can have significant health benefits! Think of an appointment with one of our providers as a tune-up. You change the oil in your car every few months, why wouldn't you want to take as much care with your body?!
We often think of visiting a chiropractor or physical therapist when something hurts: back ache, neck ache, restriction in movement, etc. But what if you could prevent that pain or dysfunction from happening from the start? Keeping your spine in alignment ensures the rest of your body is able to function at full capacity, allowing your body to naturally fight injury and sickness. Other health benefits to chiropractic care include improved posture, reduced tension, and even an improvement in your mental wellness. Best of all, every treatment we offer in our clinic is non-invasive, drug-free, safe, and proven to be effective!

Happy New Year!
by Dr. Kristin Henry
With the new year, typically comes new “resolutions” or goals to achieve in the next 365 days. A “New Year, New You” mindset, for some, is empowering and they start the year off moving and adjusting quickly to meet their goals. For others, though, it can be an overwhelming thought, trying to incorporate new changes through their daily routine to be able to achieve the desired goals or outcomes. Instead of a “near year, new you,” mindset, let’s adjust that to be a “new year, best you” mindset! You don’t have to completely change who you are, but instead, we can help incorporate a few small changes to ensure your body is moving how you’d like it to, in order to maximize your outcomes and abilities!

Gait Analysis Week: January 22-26, 2024
Join our physical therapy team the week of January 22 for Gait Analysis Week! Schedule a FREE 30-minute appointment with either our Physical Therapist, Dr. Kristin Henry, or our Physical Therapist Assistant, Morgan Huffman. You'll have a rare opportunity to utilize our AlterG antigravity treadmill, while our team assesses any areas that may be of concern. Learn about any risks for falls and prevent future injuries while you get suggestions for improvement by our trained movement specialists.
How do I schedule?
Contact us at (319) 277-5616 and ask to schedule a Gait Analysis. Appointment times are limited so be sure to reserve your time soon!

Motor Vehicle Accident?
We Need To Know!
Visiting our clinic after a motor vehicle accident can be a game changer! Especially if the accident involves a rear-end collision. But we need to know BEFORE you schedule your appointment if you've been in an accident.
A chiropractor can specifically target the damaged areas in your body, breaking up scar tissue faster than letting nature take its course. By seeking treatment, you will feel better faster, and your body will heal more efficiently than it would on its own. But, even if you're a current patient, your first appointment following an accident will require more time than the typical 15 minute adjustment. 
Our doctors will need to perform an exam. They may also want to take x-rays to identify any broken bones that would require more treatment than what we can provide at our clinic. Additionally, we require you to complete special paperwork that provides information our doctors will use to ensure treatment is safe and appropriate. This paperwork will also allow us to properly bill your insurance company and avoid denials.
If your case should go to trial, following proper protocol from the start means our doctors can testify confidently on your behalf. 

Insurance Updates
We're Updating Insurance Information
At the beginning of each new year, we ask for updated insurance and identification information from our patients! When you visit us at your next appointment, please plan to have your insurance card and your photo ID handy so we can make a copy to add to your chart. 
No change? You might be surprised!
Even if you think your insurance policy hasn't changed, there may be minor adjustments, even when you may not be aware. Making sure we have the most up to date information is for both your protection and ours, ensuring your visits are compliant and that we are billing your insurance correctly. 
Changing insurance companies?
If you are making a change in who provides your insurance benefits, remember to double check that your current providers, including those at Schofield Chiropractic Group, are in network! As always, if there is ever a change in your insurance policy, please notify us prior to your next visit so you can avoid any confusion that may arise with charges.
Our Promise
Schofield Chiropractic Group is the Cedar Valley's most comprehensive choice for a conservative approach to total body wellness. When you choose us to be part of your healthcare team, it's our goal to help you achieve and maintain optimal health so you can live your best life.
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