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Well, it's finally time for me to reveal the Big News and I'm a mix of anxious and excited and utterly impatient as I type this! You might want to grab yourself a cuppa.
What's affectionately become known as the “biggety big project" is a book that's taken a year and a half to develop and write. And it is no ordinary book. In fact, it's the very first of its kind, because this subject has never been written about before. (valid reason for that anxiety then!)

I did a little (and by little I mean BIG) deal with Soho Publishing, home to Vogue Knitting and Sixth&Spring Books. Long story short - and maybe one night when I've had a few drinks I'll share the long story - I almost binned the first email from my editor when it arrived. I kid you not. But I didn't, and opened it just before bed no less because I never learn. I read it, and read it again, and then I didn't really feel like sleeping any more.
Because they'd seen my work - specifically the development of short-row colourwork within my patterns such as the Elemental Hats - and they wondered if I fancied writing a book with them about the technique.
At first I was a little “huh, they know who I am?”, to which Tom and close friends all gave me a well-intended telling-off and a reminder that I'm not exactly unknown.
And then I started to bounce. And I mean really bounce. 
Although creating colour patterns with short rows isn't new, when I began experiementing none of the methods I found suited my needs, namely sideways knit Hats and the 3D shaping they required, especially at the crown. And so for years I've been developing my own process for creating short-row colourwork by deliberating manipulating the fabric, developing my own charting method - the maps that so many of you are familiar with - and much more.
I soon realised I was being given the opportunity to write what felt like the book of a lifetime - a legacy book, if you like - to not only be the first to write about a technique, but to write about the fruits of my own exploration and development. To have my ideas - the output of this weird and atypical and, at times wonderful, brain - and everything that I'd painstakingly learnt, put in tangible form by one of the biggest and most respected publishers in the industry to share with the world.

I will confess to having a little too much prosecco as this all sank in.
And now I'm here to not only reveal the cover of my new book, but to give you the pre-order details too!
Image item
I'll preface this by saying that yes, I know Amazon are far from the most ethical company on the planet, but for many of us it's our only option. And Amazon rankings can make or break a book, so publisher's have little choice but to encourage sales via this route.
With that in mind, I set up an Amazon affiliate account for folks who'll be pre-ordering through Amazon, and the button below includes an affiliate link. It should take you to your local Amazon, too, as long as the book is listed there.
By using this link I'll earn roughly an extra 4.5% on each book pre-ordered, which essentially adds 50% to my earnings for each copy purchased this way. Which is a lot! As much as we're hoping this book does really well, most folks would be surprised to know what royalties an author earns, and every little bit helps. And don't worry - it won't cost you any extra! - that 4.5% comes out of Amazon's pocket.
If you're wanting to support your local book store or yarn shop, or are yourself an LYS wishing to stock the book, of course I fully respect and support that too! Local yarn stores are the cornerstone of our industry. Here are the details for pre-ordering:
Publisher‏: ‎Sixth & Spring Books 
Publication dates: US - April 16th, 2024; UK - May 14th, 2024
Paperback: 184 pages
ISBN-10: 197004814X
ISBN-13: 978-197004814
UK & EU distributor: GMC
US & Canada distributor: Igram
Australia, NZ & ROW distributor: to be confirmed
Pre-orders go a long way to telling a distributor and publisher how well a book might do, which is very helpful for authors. And of course, you'll be amongst the first to get your hands on a copy!
In case you're not yet convinced, here's a little more about the book….
Image item
Within it’s 184 pages I talk you through how I’ve developed this technique and teach you how to fully utilize short-row colorwork knitting.
Beginning with an in-depth and illustrated step-by-step section, I cover the core concepts. This includes in-depth photographic tutorials for techniques such as knitting backwards, German short rows (including how to repair them!), and much more. Then there are chapters about maintaining the integrity of the fabric, and how to use the motifs in the stitch dictionary. including how to repeat them or knit them in the round. I discuss yarn choices, talk you through the maps and how to use them, and there's even a chapter on designing with the motifs. With all this new knowledge, you'll have the confidence and skills under your belt to explore and practice with the 50 motifs that make up the stitch dictionary.
You'll then find 10 accessory patterns from various designers from around the world, showcasing the beauty, ease of accessibility, and versatility of this technique. On a personal note, having these amazing designers create beautiful knitting patterns from motifs I've invented and a technique I've developed was something else. It was, and still is, the most incredible feeling. There are shawls and scarfs, a cowl and mitts, and of course a couple of Hats from me. Each project covers a different way to use the motifs, as well as a range of types of motifs. Because if there's one thing you'll take away from this book, it's that short-row colourwork is so much more than organic looking leaf-like forms!
Image item
This book was very generously sponsored by Malabrigo Yarn. When considering yarns for this book I wanted something that was widely available, as I know my fans are all over the world! I also wanted a yarn whose ethical policies I could support, and was reasonably affordable. Malabrigo ticks all those boxes and I was very excited when they agreed to work with me on this. The three yarn weights used within the book are Sock, Arroyo and Rios - these links point to LoveCrafts which I use often, but you can find Malabrigo yarns in most local and online yarn stores.
phew! That's a lot, huh?
Over the next few months we'll be revealing more about the book, the technique and the projects via social media and blog posts. 
I'm also planning some zoom talks - virtual book readings, if you like - where I can show you some of the projects, share my process and talk you through the swatches for the stitch dictionary, and so much more! I've started planning dates, so keep an eye on future newsletters and Patreon posts.
If you're an LYS and interested in a virtual talk from me, or blogger or influencer who'd like to chat about the book, then do get in touch! Please give me a few days to get back to you, as I'm Autistic and need to pace myself, but I would love to work with you and talk more about this technique! For in-person promotion, I'm willing to travel and I suggest you contact my publisher or distrubutor, we're still working all those things out.
Once I have details for events I'll let you know as soon as I know!
If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading! I'm so incredibly proud of this book, it really is something special. It's inventive and fun and colourful and NEW and I know there's something in here for everyone. Even if you're not a fan of hand-dyed or bright yarns, I guarantee your neutrals and solids will work just as well, as it's the short rows, and how I've thoughtfully arranged them, that create all the magic.
I do hope you enjoy the book as much as we all do, and I look forward to sharing more about it with you! 
Take care out there,

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