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Meet Laramie Briscoe
Hello, First name / Reader Friend!
Welcome to the first Meet An Author Monday exclusive for 2024! You'll be seeing these at least once a month and I am so excited about this year's line-up! Without further ado, I'll turn the newsletter over to Laramie and her exclusive excerpt of Boone.
Laramie briscoe
Hey everyone! 
My name is Laramie and I'm so excited to be here with you all. 
I love writing small-town, steamy romance featuring mostly first responders and blue collar workers. My guys are gold retriever heroes who absolutely love the women they're with. I love writing found families and friend groups that make you laugh, cry, and want to read their stories.

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I reach down, grasping her hand in my larger one, pulling her around the truck. When we get to the passenger side, I open the door and help her in. After she gets settled, I grab hold of her chin, pulling her gaze to meet mine.
"I'm sorry..." She starts.
I tighten my grip on her chin, forcing her to stop talking. "You're worth more than this, Lex. You don't have to keep working here because it's what you've been able to have in the past. I'm gonna help you get more. Fuck that guy, fuck the guy you worked for, and fuck all the ones in there who could never see past the hair, and your gender." I don't know who this person is and what the words are coming out of my mouth. I just can't stand to see the defeated look on her face.
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