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Hello Families, 
It is with immense excitement for the future and gratitude for the past that we share a significant milestone in our company's journey.  
When I started Book Nook in 2012, I wanted to share my passion for fostering a love of reading at a young age. It is from that joy that literacy skills blossom and our little ones become self-confident, lifelong learners. What started as a true nook on the Upper West Side, has now grown into a community beyond our wildest dreams.
As we've expanded across Manhattan, to Brooklyn, and now New Jersey, the magic of Book Nook has become that much more special with each new neighborhood, child, and family. We have now gotten requests to open more Book Nook locations in New Jersey, Connecticut, and even California!
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As we were taking the legal steps in this next milestone on our journey, we met a roadblock when we tried to trade the name 'Book Nook.' Barnes & Noble objected to our use of the word 'Nook' given their electronic reader of the same name. Recognizing the challenge posed by such a formidable corporate opponent, and after careful consideration and legal counsel, we decided to re-brand ourselves with a fresh new name!
Drum roll please....Book Nook Enrichment is rebranding as Wise Wonder Enrichment! 
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So, what does this rebrand mean exactly?
Apart from the new name...nothing! We are still the same family-owned company on a mission to share the wonder of words. We will still have the same logo (though Oscar the owl will have to get used to standing beside some new letters!) and the same cozy indoor reading gardens and cottage classrooms.
While it is bittersweet to say goodbye to Book Nook, it makes us smile to see how this name change reflects the growth and true heart of this community. Our studios hold a magic of their own, but the true heart of our community lies not in the place, but in the incredible students who infuse the joy of reading into our lives. They are the heartbeat of our community. They are our Wise Wonders.   
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It will take us some time to adjust everything, so over these next few weeks you will be seeing some updates in our website, social media, folder decor, and email signatures! (Keep an eye out for Wise Wonder in your inbox!) We will soon be redirected to our new website:   
If anyone is interested in learning more about our franchise opportunity please reach out to Andy at
Thank you for being an integral part of our story. Here's to many more years of wisdom, wonder, and growth.

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This series was devised to bring the magic of learning into your own home and invite children to branch out in their academic journeys.