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February 2024
Are you ready for the quilt show?
Here is a message from Vicki the Quilt Show Chair
It’s SHOW TIME for the quilt show.
Be sure to show up at 8:00 am at the Great Plains Coliseum Annex on Thursday February 15th to help
with setting up the racks and hanging the quilts first. 
Judging will begin at 10:00am. 
Kathy will need help with getting tables set up for vendors who will come at 12:00pm. 
Also help with the set up for all the
other areas. 
If you are not in charge of a particular area look around and see who needs help. 
In 2022
the setting up went so smoothly I am hoping it will this time.
I am trusting everyone knows their duties. If you need my help let me know. 
I can also make any signs
that you may need. Vicki 
Don’t forget to bring your quilts to the February meeting. LaDonna will be outside the church to collect quilts.

Letter from the President
Hello Quilters!
Time is getting very short to have your quilts ready for turn in at our next guild meeting.  The business meeting will be short. The majority of our time will be devoted to quilt turn in, filling empty work slots, final instructions from the quilt show chair, Vickie Nightingale, and raffle tickets turn in. Can you believe our quilt show is next week! We have  80 some quilts to hang. Next week will be a busy one and we need the entire guild to participate. We need help to set up, work the show and tear down.
See you and your quilts next Monday, February 12 @ 6PM
Peggy Coe
Guild President

Guild Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2024
           The meeting was called to order by president Peggy Coe at 6:23pm. 
           Nancy Wicker reported on membership.  She sent around a membership roster for members to update phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  The awards those with birthdays from May 2023 – Jan 2024 with fat quarters.
           Quilt paperwork for entries was available. Quilt show t-shirts were delivered to those who ordered.
           Vicki Nightingale reminded those attending to sign-up for quilt show volunteer positions.  Two volunteers are needed for each position.  New quilt show flyers are available for members to pick-up.
           January 27, the guild will be doing demonstrations and selling raffle tickets for our quilt and our doll at the Farmers Market, in Lawton.  Beginning at 9am, Janet Light will be speaking on ‘miniature quilts’, Cris Ross and Chris Fick will be speaking on hexi-quilts, Peggy Coe will be speaking on t-shirt quilts, and Vicki Nightingale will be speaking on making pillowcases.
           Please give fat quarters to Dianna Davis and small quilts to Peggy Coe.
           The show is at the Great Plains Coliseum Annex.  Admission is $8.  This includes a chance at winning a sewing machine, donated by Beverly Martine, Quilt-N-Bee.  The raffle quilt and doll will be at the end of the entry ramp, just behind admissions. Memorials will be between admissions and the raffle area.
           Inside the annex, the silent auction will be on the right, with raffle gift baskets on the left.  Around the perimeter of the inside area will be 12 vendors in 19 spaces --- all spaces are taken. Quilts will be hung in the middle of the room.  The hospitality room will be in the room just west of the large area, for vendors and workers.  The south door by the hospitality room is not an entrance.  Guests must enter through west door.
           Set up is on Thursday.  We need lots of volunteers to make this work.  Set up starts at 8am – we start unloading the trailer and start with quilt rack set up.  Quilt judging starts at 10am.  Vendors arrive and start unloading their wares at noon.
           Raffle drawings occur Saturday at 2:45pm.
           Take down starts Saturday at 4pm.  Quilts come down first, they are folded and returned to their pillowcase for pickup.
           We still need a place to store the 15 foot trailer, after the show --- long term storage.  The trailer is labeled on the outside with Wichita Mountains Quilt Guild.
           Vicki Nightingale is retiring from developing the newsletter.  Beverly Martine will take that position.
           Drag & Brag
  • Rene Palaniuk showed an applique row by row quilt
  • Cris Ross showed a bag
  • Marilyn Sikes showed a Blue Onion quilt
           February will be the last meeting for Rene Palaniuk, as she is moving March 4.
           Lenor Davis and Casey Johns won the Ways & Means drawing
           The meeting was adjourned.
LaDonna Meyer
Guild Secretary

Treasurers Report
Wichita Mountains Quilt Guild Treasurer's Report 1 December 2023-31 January 2024
Opening Balance $7,393.66
Interest $1.81
Membership $117.50
Ways and Means $60.00
Total $179.31
Church Donation $480.00
Programs $78.99
Storage Fees $138.00
Ways and Means $9.76
Total $706.75
Ending Balance: $6,866.22
Submitted by Marilyn Sikes, Treasurer, 1 February 2024

Community Service Info
"WMQG Sewists, 
Thank you so much for your continued support of the guild’s Community Sew program and the Lawton area community. For the last 2 years, you've helped the guild foster relationships with our community positively. This is my last month in this position, with my final act hosting the Community Sew booth at the quilt show to showcase what we've accomplished within the community and continue to grow our reach. Here's what we've accomplished together: 
Led two LPS FACS advanced sewing classes making 9-patch mug rugs/ potholders. 
Donated 3 totes of fabric an notions to Lawton Public Schools.
Taught an American Heritage Girls troop to sew and make their own pillowcases. The girls were moved to donate their pillowcases back to the guild to be donated along with the rest of our pillowcases to those in need. What a blessing!
Donated 70 pillowcases and stocking kits to Girl Scout Troop 21.
Donna K., Lee D., and Susan C. donated 80+ quilts to the Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC) of Lawton.
Made and donated 2 fidget aprons, 1 dignity bib, and 10 pillowcases to Ten Oaks Memory Care Assisted Living Center.
Made and donated 10 pillowcases, 5 quilted stockings, and a large box filled with hygiene items to the Family Promise of Lawton.
2 quilts made and donated to Indiahoma Veterans.
Made and donated 39 pillowcases and 8 backpacks full of school supplies to CASA SWOK.
9 dignity bibs completed and donated to Montevista Rehab
At the quilt show, we’ll have a display of images and information about these events/donations along with make-and-take kits for community members to help in our efforts. We’ll take in donations as well as information for future projects and network with organizations in need. 
If you are interested in taking over this program, please let myself or Peggy know!
If you or your sew groups need fabric or supplies for your projects, please let me know - the guild has plenty to help you help others. 

Some pics from DRAG & BRAG at the January 2024 Meeting
Here are the Guild Officers
President         Peggy Coe     
V President       Barbara Johnston
Secretary         LaDonna Myers
Treasurer         Marilyn Sikes
Programs          Diane Davis
Hospitality       Janet Light
Community Sew     Rene Palaniuk
TLC               Plezie Johnson
Ways & Means      Anke Baker
Membership        Nancy Wicker
Publicity         Kathy Hepner
Newsletter        Beverly Martine
Social Media      Rene Palanuik & Vicki Nightingale
Quilt Show        Vicki Nightingale
Please check your membership roster for contact information.