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I’m going to get right to the point: I have a spicy moment with Noah and Shay for you today. It’s also a little sweet and a wee bit silly. 
If you’re a member of my private reader group, you might’ve seen my recent poll asking for input on which couple to write about and if you follow my Instagram stories, you might’ve seen my poll asking for opinions on whether to go sweet, spicy, or silly (or zagging across all lanes and tossing in a good old Erin Walsh story). 
Hope you love it!
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Bonus stories! 
A new look for Shucked! There's a map of Friendship, RI in the front of the redesigned paperback and original orange paperback is still available here. The audio will arrive summer of 2024 from narrators Jason Clarke and Christine Lakin.
Earbuds for small ears! Okay, so, we all have tiny ears? I know, it’s so random, but here we are and everyone talks to me about earbuds now. I prefer this set though I also have this slightly larger set

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