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community investment plan
Two years ago, we gathered 18-24 year olds and journeyed with them through the Camp Well experience. This is when we created the Community Investment Plan - a way for those women to invite their family and community to INVEST ANY AMOUNT towards their Camp Well experience. What I loved the most was watching these young women be blown away at the support of others. 
We are offering the same plan for our SPRING CAMP WELL experience and it has been no different - women blown away at the support, prayers and generosity of their friends and family. 
This is one of those stories…
For this upcoming Camp Well session, Kate really wanted to come, but she didn't have all the resources to attend. I shared with her the Community Investment Plan and even though she had alot of fear about the process and what friends and family would say, she said
“I am not going 
to let that stop me”
if you are on the fence….
“I didn’t think it would be possible to raise all the funds needed for Camp Well. My fear and shame told me I wasn’t enough and no one would want to invest in ME. I couldn’t have been more wrong! As I shared my heart with my people they in turn showed me how much they and God cared for me! I wouldn’t have fully known this if I hadn’t stepped out of my comfort zone and made my need known. I’m so glad I did!”
As of today - just THREE days after sharing her custom giving web page, Kate is 100% FUNDED!!!!!
If you long to join us at Camp Well AND if resources are limited - our Community Investment Plan may be the right fit. If you have some fear, borrow some courage from Kate! If you are absolutely terrified, I am happy to chat with you about it, answer any questions you may have and pray with you!
We have some seats available for our APRIL 15-18th Spring session and we would love to save one for you!
hope to see you in Texas,
Jenn Jett Barrett