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As we start 2024 with anticipation of a year filled with many mountain adventures, we gently remind you that the deadline to renew your MCSA membership is just around the corner – January 31st.
Renewing your membership is more than maintaining access to club activities and facilities. It's about continuing to be a part of a community with a deep passion for mountaineering and the great outdoors. Your membership is vital in supporting the financial well-being of the club and supporting the various plans that we outlined for 2024 in a previous newsletter.
To renew your membership, please watch out for an email invoice or contact our administration office for assistance. Remember, your prompt renewal will ensure uninterrupted access to all the benefits and privileges of being an MCSA member.
Warm regards,
The Committee
Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA)

Don't miss TOMORROW'Stalk!
Wednesday 31 January 2024 at 6:15pm for 7pm
at the MCSA Johannesburg Club House, Robin Scouts Hall (11 Oorbietjie Rd, Robin Hills, Randburg).
Snacks & refreshments will be served. Cash bar will be available. 
RSVP required (link below)
If there are any members that would like to join but are unable to drive at night please let the administrator know so the club can arrange for carpooling.
Join the MCSA for this celebratory presentation delivered by Paul Fatti, who will recount the events of this iconic ascent, half a century later. The wicked 1,200m-long, 30-pitch direct line to the summit of Paine’s Central Tower was first climbed in 1973-74 by South Africans who summited in 32 days.


Abseiling Phushungwana Waterfall on the Wild Coast. Pic: Warwick Preddy
Wednesday 7 February 2024 at 6:30pm for 7pm
at the MCSA Johannesburg Club House, Robin Scouts Hall (11 Oorbietjie Rd, Robin Hills, Randburg).
Snacks and refreshments will be served. Cash bar will be available. RSVP required (link below)
Join us for a presentation of the Club’s successful 2023 expeditions on the Wild Coast and in the Drakensberg. These two presentations will show you the ins and outs of these epic achievements, and how your Club is making these big adventures happen.
Come and see for yourself and find out how to join the adventures in 2024. Whether planning your own epic or looking for one - you need to be there!
News & Reminders
Our last tidbits of admin and member updates!
Please note that there is a now a lock installed with a gate code required for access to Tonquani via Calabash. Contact Dylan, your friendly Administrator for the new code before visiting.
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Following a number of years of restricted access to Chosspile, Mount Amanzi has agreed to restore access arrangements for climbing at the crag. The crag has been well attended and old classics have seen repeats. A new route has been bolted by Carlo Antonelli who has also initiated repairs to the stairs over the canal on the walk in.
Given the historically sensitive nature of access to this crag and its value to the community due to the quality of the climbing, it is critical that access arrangements, etiquette and good conservation practices are observed by everyone who visits the crag. Access to this property is a privilege we cannot afford to take for granted.
The Conservation Portfolio will continue to monitor the Vereaux Eagle nesting site and access to the Lord of the Rings section is subject to change between April and September. During this time the Man Cave, Harry Potter and the Wall of Aglaron remain accessible for climbing.
Mount Amanzi has agreed that visitors are permitted to access the property on the following conditions:
  • Visitors are required to report to Mount Amanzi reception and sign the register and pay for entry.
  • MCSA members pay R30 for entry on displaying their membership card.
  • Non-MCSA climbers pay R50 for entry.
  • Visitors are advised to enter the property in a group for their safety
  • Mount Amanzi has requested visitors to try to arrive between 08:00 and 09:00 so that the security guard does not have to return to the gate repeatedly to open the gate.
  • Please find out if the guard is at the Chosspile gate before leaving Mount Amanzi and offer a lift to the gate.
  • Visitors are required to be off the property by 16:30.
  • When leaving the crag please call reception to request the guard to unlock. Where possible, offer the guard a lift back to Mount Amanzi.
  • Please report any incidents of trespassing or other transgressions to Mount Amanzi reception as soon as possible.
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Last Saturday 17 intrepid hikers went for a little adventure walk from Hamerkop to Grootkloof. As well as strolling through the beautiful scenery, we spent some time off the beaten track, scrambling and clambering.
We explored Woodpecker Gully, Candelabra, Woody Gully, Grootkloof Gully and Yesterhout Kloof. Thank you to a great group of hikers, we hope to see you all again soon.

- Andreas & Kat
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14 of us started out, 14 made it back.
Mission goals:
  • Jumping: Success
  • Scrambling: Too easy for this group
  • Abseiling: Slow to start, very stylish at the end
  • Rope ascending: Needs work...
  • Picnic on Chockstone: 2/14
  • Bumsliding: Mostly unintentional
  • Time management: Fail (We got back in daylight)
  • Fun had: 14/14 (I hope)
  • Bonus challenge: Dragging a DSLR camera through the kloof (Con & Kat, thanks for the amazing pictures)
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It would be great to do this again, especially when Candelabra is flowing properly.
The picnic spot on-top of the Chockstone is unique, but difficult to fit into a full days adventuring.
A big thanks to the whole group for indulging me in these adventures.
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Every donation to the club, big or small, makes a difference. Your support in this crucial time will help us pay off our debts promptly and maintain a strong financial foundation. You can donate by transferring money via EFT with your annual membership fees, or you can donate through our web portal. Please consider a recurring payment, which will make a big difference over time.
It is not what the club can do for you, it is what YOU can do for the club.

Explore. Discover. Connect. Protect.
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Office Number:  061 461 8259 
Office Hours: Mon & Wed 15:00 - 20:00, Tues & Thurs 13:00 - 18:00, Fri 9:00 - 12:00