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We have volunteer opportunities and exciting events to share with you. Keep scrolling to learn about upcoming ASCP events and happenings on campus. 
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Left: Meet Joanna Chiyon Kumar (she/her)!
Joanna is our Marketing Graduate Assistant; she oversees and ensures the execution of our marketing strategy. She is especially interested in strategic marketing initiatives and planning for our education and outreach efforts. Joanna is a graduate student at the University of Colorado Denver and is pursuing her Health Administration MBA and MS Information Systems dual degree. On the professional front, Joanna aspires to use her interest in health information systems to make healthcare operations more efficient. Joanna also aims to improve sustainability efforts in the healthcare field by building environmental awareness among healthcare professionals. In her free time, Joanna likes to cook, explore new cuisines and interests, travel and enjoy nature.
Learn more about Joanna on her LinkedIn
Right: Meet Aya Itani (she/her)!
Aya is the new Marketing Undergraduate Student Associate; she is a senior at MSU Denver studying Communication Design and minoring in Digital Marketing. Her role is to market the ASCP via social media platforms. Aya believes social media is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to promoting important environmental and social issues and wants to amplify the ASCP's voice on social media.
Learn more about Aya on her LinkedIn
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ConGRADulations, Lauren! 
Lauren Hart supported the ASCP mission for more than a year as a Marketing Student Associate. During her time here she also elevated the ASCP's mission through climate action goals, including research for gas to electric conversion grants, prospective SHARC wastewater heat recovery systems, and GHG emissions inventories. 
Lauren also made a huge impact on our social media outreach and increased our connections with faculty, students, and staff throughout campus. Lauren participated in creek cleanups, helped spearhead the Tivoli LED lighting retrofit, coordinate efforts within the campus community garden, and so much more! Lauren has showed endless passion and commitment to our team, but now we must say goodbye because she was a 2023 graduating senior
Thank you so much for all of your contributions, Lauren! We appreciate you and all you've done. We know you will continue to do great things!


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According to the EPA, 14.5 million tons of textiles were landfilled and incinerated in 2018. If you want to reduce your environmental fashion footprint, the best approach is to purchase less clothing. 
However, if you have clothing that you no longer want, but is still in the condition to be worn, then you should consider repurposing the fabrics through donations to local organizations or a textile recycling program! While donations to reuse extends the life of the materials reducing the environmental footprint left behind, textile recycling programs will treat waste clothing materials as either a secondary use product or a regeneration use product.
The secondary use of clothing material refers to the the direct use of clothes after recycling through a simple sterilization and cleaning of the fabric. When fabric is classified as regeneration use, the material is treated through certain methods to obtain raw materials for creating a new product to use in a different field. Here are some textile recycling programs you can access in Denver: Red Apple Recycling, USAgain, ARC Thrift Stores, H&M Stores, Patagonia and Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe Campaign.

The ASCP receives clothing donations for reuse in our Free Store Mondays - Thursdays from 10am-3pm. Additionally, you may donate your clothes to a shelter and/or community resource center. Denver has many of these resources, but a few are listed below with their distances to campus!
Haven of Hope, 2 miles
Samaritan House, 1.6 miles
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The ASCP Free Store is OPEN
Come visit us and shop through our selection in the Free Store. We have clothing, school supplies, appliances, shelving, and household items for free
When: Every Monday - Thursday, from 10am to 3pm
Where: Tivoli 346 
See you there!
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Keep your eyes peeled – the reCYCLE Organics tricycles have hit the road!
The ASCP has been busy bringing in the New Year with the arrival of two new custom-built electric tricycles for compost (organics) collection on campus. By collecting organics on e-trikes from our vast campus area, we are not only eliminating our dependence on fossil fuels, but also increasing our efficiency in supporting the sustainability efforts we are making here on campus. This awareness building, combined with the growing support of all institutions, vendors, and events will contribute to our 2024 goal to divert 35% of waste from the landfill. 
When you see us riding around campus, please feel free to stop us to ask questions about the ASCP, composting, proper waste disposal, and other program initiatives.
More exciting things are to come in the next couple of months, so stay tuned! 

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Feb 14 @ 2-3:00- Binside Buddies
Feb 27 @ 1-2:00 Binside Buddies
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Are you interested in sustainability and want to get involved on campus? Come meet like minded individuals and make a difference through our student volunteer organization: EcoReps! Keep an eye out for out next orientation and informational meeting on the EcoReps page through our website. Sign up and get more information at this link to our EcoRep Program webpage or contact Joanna at
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Join us in our fight against hunger and food waste on campus by using the Share Meals app! Sign up to see which events around campus have food that will be available to community members. You can find free food nearby through Share Meals; see how much is available and how long it’s up for grabs. The app also has a list of centers across campus where students can find free food, personal care items, and other helpful resources. Sign up today by downloading the app on your phone or by using the web version! 
Click here or the image above to be navigated to our webpage for more information and to get started. 
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Say “hello” to our wonderful team members from left to right and top to bottom:
  • Rylee McCone
  • Chris Herr
  • Cassy Cadwallader
  • Robert Tepperberg
  • Amanda Dian
  • Amy Nash
  • Mya Blanks
  • Trinity Sison
  • Levi Brower
  • Lucinda Harger
  • Joanna Chiyon Kumar
  • Piper Malczewski
  • Aya Itani
Interested in learning more about how we all help to reduce Auraria's ecological impact and dependence on fossil fuels? Check out our team page!
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