Homemakers in Business Weekly Bulletin
issue no. 0004
February 2, 2024
So you wanna rebrand, huh?
Don't just jump into it! Be strategic about your rebrand strategy.
Dolly DeLong has some great tips for you on planning your rebrand pre-launch, launch, and post-launch phases so you can captivate and engage your audience with your new brand identity!
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You can't just expect to post once and then people to recognize your new brand.
You need to be intentional about the lead-up to the announcement, your lead-capture strategy during the launch, and maintaining momentum after the newness has worn off.
You need to be intentional and talk about your rebrand, like - a lot.
“If you feel like you are screaming from the rooftops about your launch, you feel like you've talked about it so much. You probably are just talking in a normal voice.” - Dolly DeLong
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Winter Routine
Learn how to develop a winter (or anytime) routine that works for YOU
Earlier this winter I was inspired by one of my journal entries. I had realized that morning that I wasn’t getting as much done during the day as I normally do. So I took pen to paper to figure out what was going on and how to remedy it. Here's that entry:
I want to work on developing a better daily routine for winter. My spring/summer routine simply does not work during winter months. I have less energy, there’s less daylight, and fewer out-of-house activities meaning I am alone more. 
I know from past experience that I am less likely to work around the house OR on the computer after dark. So I need to plan to get all that I want to do in a day DONE by nightfall. Here’s some sunlight info:
October: Sunset by 6PM, Sunrise at 7AM
November: Sunset by 4:40PM, Sunrise at 6:30AM
Yada, yada… I actually wrote the sunrise and sunset times up until April 2024 for my area. Okay, back to the entry… continue reading the blog post or listen to the podcast episode
Melanie Spurgeon, Holistic Therapist
"Stephanie is such a great guide and designer to help make your website dreams come true, even if technology isn't your best friend!
I never thought I could handle everything that goes into starting an online platform, but Stephanie gave me the encouragement, support, and creative ideas I needed to get my therapy practice branding off the ground! 
I have learned so much from Stephanie, she truly goes the extra mile and willingly answers all your questions, no matter how basic!"
Melanie and I worked together to create her brand identity design and customize her website template in a VIP Design Day. We've continued to work on various projects since including a business card design and website maintenance.
If you're curious about my work, I finally have a portfolio page up on my website! You can see Melanie's brand and website project along with a small sampling of other work.
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Styled House Rentals
Just this week I discovered a really cool little business called Home Studio List.
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One morning while perusing my Facebook groups, I saw a post from a woman named Hannah Pobar. Here's what it read:
“Any ladies looking to start the New Year with standout content for your website and socials?! My company rents Styled Homes by the hour for content creation of all kinds! Think photo shoots and film productions for business owners to show their expertise. Major companies like Parachute Home, Anthropologie, and Artifact Uprising shoot in our homes, too!”
WHAT. So stinking cool!
In her *very clever* introductory video on the company website, she says to think of them as the “AirBNB for content creation." Ugh, LOVE. 😍
This is sooo perfect for a variety of online businesses. Personal brands, consultants, service providers, artists, lawyers, educators, wellness professionals, designers, the list. goes. on.
Non-aesthetic house with mountains of laundry? No problem. Book you a couple of hours at a GORGEOUSLY styled home of your choosing with your favorite photographer and bam. High-quality, on-brand images for use on your website and all your socials.
I'll be recommending this to clients for years to come.
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