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Let’s talk parenting. I remember so vividly the moment JR and I got home from the hospital with our oldest - and realized - holy crap… we’re parents.
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A couple of weeks ago, I had a conversation on parenting with Michelle Gambs, a psychotherapist, parent coach, and author of Stay Away from Option D.
I’m a kid from the 80’s - so some of this more progressive parenting stuff can be a little hard for me to wrap my head around. But this convo made me really take a look at a few things I was doing and make a few adjustments.

🎙️ Here are a few topics we covered:
  • Confronting the feeling of guilt and finding peace
  • Michelle's expert advice tailored for different stages of parenting (with kids in high school, middle school, elementary and preschool - ahhh! - this was huge for me)
  • The power of proactive parenting and the mantra of quality over quantity
  • Overriding the instinct to overprotect and raise independent kids
  • Family meetings and how they shape capable and confident kids
  • Differentiating between punishment and consequence (this one has already made such a big difference in our home)

💡 Why You Should Tune In:
Michelle Gambs brings a refreshing perspective, allowing parents to embrace imperfections while fostering a home filled with peace.
Michelle's insights interrupted some of my own parenting patterns, and this episode is an open invitation to everyone seeking confident, empowered parenting without the weight of guilt.
Ready to challenge some of your parenting habits? Listen to the episode here and join the conversation.

Cheers to building your Life of And,
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