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After the excitement of December, which included our wedding in Vegas, Anne's birthday, Christmas, and New Year's, we chilled out in January, with extended off the beaten path boondocking stays, enjoying the tranquility of the desert, not moving around much.
We only moved the rig twice. First from Ajo, Arizona, in early January, and spent two weeks camped off Ogilby Road. We then doubled back to the Ajo area last week for another visit.
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I had a couple of reasons for the trip to Ogilby, besides being a favorite place to camp. I had been asked by the EZ Snap RV Skirt & Shade company if I could do some demo how-to videos for their winter skirting, which I've used in the past. 
I needed an open, flat area, and Ogilby fit the bill. Thankfully, the wind stayed calm while I attached it or it would be rolling across Texas right now, haha.
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A company called Eco-Dynamics also invited me to stop by the Quartzsite RV Show booth and review a new solar awning. They had on display an electric RV awning made of 840 watts of rollable solar panels. 
I've published a review video on that as well. I'm thinking the rollable panels could be an interesting product for summer on our boat. Not much roof space.
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The weather has continued to be excellent for the most part, but we did get a couple of decent rainfalls. One made for fantastic double rainbows!
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Last week, we returned to the Ajo, AZ, area and tried a different camping area. The scenery is gorgeous, and we often get an air show from the nearby Barry M. Goldwater Air Range as they train. It's pretty cool!
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That's all I have to report for now; like I said, it's been a chill month. :) Oh, by the way, if you want to see more wedding photos, Anne published a blog post containing them all: our personal snapshots plus a boat load from the portrait photographer she hired. 
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Image of the Month
Fiery Arizona Sunset from the other day
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Funny of the Month
The glamourous life of an RV boondocker!
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“In the empire of the desert, water is the king and shadow is the queen.” Mehmet Murat Ildan
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