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“I think books are like people, in the sense that they’ll turn up in your life when you most need them.” 
― Emma Thompson
Narrated by Joe Arden
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SFN: What are your writing rituals?
AS: I’m a mood writer. I have to be completely immersed and “feel” what I’m writing for any meaningful words to come out. Because of that, I have to do whatever’s necessary to get to that mental place. Sometimes that means I lock myself in the dark in my basement studio with just a candle. Sometimes I’m upstairs in a bright sunny office with the cats. Sometimes I sit at a desk, other times in an easy chair or outside. Whatever I have to do to escape into the story, I will do, because I (literally) can’t write words I don’t “feel.”
SFN: What made you want to publish your books in audio?
AS: The obvious answer is that it allows more people to have access to my books, but on a more personal level, audio brings a book to life. Hearing my books removes me from the story as the author and allows me to experience it as a reader. I love hearing how narrator interpretations add a new spin and dimension to my words. After spending so much time with a book while crafting it, the story can get stale in my head. Audio breathes new life into it.
SFN: Do you include stories from family or friends in your books?
AS: Yes, all the time. As a musician who writes musicians, many of the anecdotes in my books come directly from experiences I’ve had writing, recording, and performing. I’ll also include small shout-outs to loved ones. For example, the story about the Caldo de Pollo and Salchicha con Huevo in Tristan & Isabel came directly from a family member. I could go on and on with examples!
SFN: Do you consider writing to be a cathartic process?
LKC: That’s all it is for me. Writing has been a coping strategy for me since I was a little girl and has been my refuge my entire life. I never planned to be an “author,” and in some ways, I still don’t see myself as one. All that’s changed is that now I share a lot (though not all) of the words in my head, unlike the rest of my life. I’ve written hundreds of books since I was a child, none of which I ever intended to share. It’s just what I did for fun, like playing sports or reading.
SFN: What is the funniest typo you’ve ever written?
AS: So many! I'm always laughing at stuff. I know there are funnier ones, but the last I remember was "The explosion is fierce and explosive." I mean, I guess, technically an explosion is explosive...
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