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Dear Friends of INEB
Welcome to the February 2024 newsletter. This month INEB joined hands with our sister organization the Spirit in Education Movement in commemorating three years of people’s resistance to the 2021 Myanmar military coup. Creating a large sculptural art project from papier mache Seeds of Peace together with the Myanmar migrant worker community, we demonstrated our decades of solidarity with non-violent struggles for peace and democracy. 
In February, INEB announced its call for a second year of small grant proposals with the Sombath Somphone Memorial Fund and SEM Sikkhalai Publishing organized it‘s 29th annual lecture with noted engaged Buddhist author and longtime INEB supporter David Loy who spoke on the topic of EcoDharma. This month we also pause to remember the life and work of Johan Galtung,  the pioneering Norwegian sociologist who first coined the term “structural violence”.
We send warm wishes for a fruitful year of the Dragon to our partners and kalayana mitta around the world. 
With mettā,
Dexter at the INEB Secretariat,
February, 2567

Our Recent Engagements:
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INEB began its 40-year anniversary celebration of Seeds of Peace by collaborating with the Spirit in Education Movement in bringing to life a large sculptural art project for SEM’s Feb.10 “Do You Hear the People Sing” Myanmar benefit concert. 
  • 250 past Seeds of Peace issues were upcycled into papier mache material for this sculpture with the support of talented young Thai artists from Chiang Mai.
  • Friends from the Dawei migrant workers community residing in Bangkok added illustrations and colorful expressions to the sculpture in a contemplative art workshop.
  • Read a short project recap for more detail and images here
Check out every issue of Seeds of Peace in our digital archive 👈
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INEB announces the availability of small grant funds through the Sombath Somphone Memorial Fund!
  • Applications can be submitted by non-profit organizations, or small groups and individuals from countries in the Mekong Sub-Region (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the southwest region of China).
  • The project implementation period is May 1 through October 31, 2024. 
  • Click here for guidelines and the application form 
Apply by 31st March, 2024 ✍️

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On February 26th, INEB and the Spirit in Education Movement were pleased to host David R. Loy for the 29th Sem Pringpuangkeo Annual Lecture at the Sathirakoses- Nagapredeepa Foundaction in Bangkok. 
Speaking on the topic of “Ecodharma: The Future of All Beings in Global Boiling”, David Loy shared insights on the role of spirituality and activism in addressing the ecological crisis to a diverse crowd including NGO and civil society groups as well 
 students from INEB’s School of English for Engaged Social Service (SENS). 
  • Watch a full recording of the lecture with consecutive Thai translation (ภาษาไทย) here

Network Activity:

Upcoming Events:
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Book excerpt on Engaged Buddhism and Suicide Prevention in Japan:
“If a salary man faces a problem and cannot do his work well, he then develops a kind of inferiority complex. At this time, he never thinks about what kind of teaching Buddhism could provide; which was true even for me when I faced this situation. When my personal evaluation was low and inferiors humiliated me, I got depressed and asked myself, “Why can’t we develop human relationships well?” 
I had a feeling that Buddhist teachings had no direct connection to my situation. However, if there could appear at these times a priest who has concern and radiates a feeling of personal intimacy, I think Buddhism could become part of this world and not be aloof.” 
- Rev. Fujisawa Katsumi 藤澤克己 (1961) Jodo Shin Hongan-ji Pure Land priest & co-founder of the Association of Buddhist Priests Confronting Self-death and Suicide

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Cover Image: Four Noble Truths Sculpture, Chern Tawan International Meditation Center (Chiang Rai, Thailand) photo by Dexter Cohen Bohn.