get radically creative
ICYMI, this Leap Day was all about sparking serious creativity with some amazing folks from across the events industry. Held at the gorgeous Shell's Loft in Fort Greene, we had a fun day of creativity-boosting talks, workshops, and activities to get everyone's energy flowing for the upcoming season. Here are our 5 takeaways from this full day of creativity and collaboration.
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We entered 
a phase of  
Bold Optimism
Patina’s Founder, Corrin Arasa delved into the vibe shift we’ve seen across the interior and fashion worlds which are signaling a maximalist optimism, and gave a peek into how these trends will be playing out in event design over the next few years.
Key Takeaway #1
Bigger, bolder, more considered events are entering an exciting new phase.
We learned the Secret Sauce: Creativity + Collaboration 

Jessica Boskoff of 23 Layers gave us insight into how she produces award-winning experiences whether social or corporate. She applies the same creative process and leans heavily on vendor collaboration.
Key Takeaway #2
Harnessing your unique creative process and inviting collaboration leads to significant business growth.
We overcame challenges

We shared the ups and downs of being a founder with Jessica Boskoff, Kelsea Olivia, and Liz Barella who shared how they overcame some big event challenges and what led to their success.
Key Takeaway #3
Constraints lead to creativity, collaboration on every level leads to better outcomes, and asking for help is a skill we all need to master.
We unlocked our power 
to create
Designer, Performer, and Educator Meg Lewis helped us unlock our individual creative powers by leading us through a workshop designed to hone our unique identity to generate ideas that could only come from each of us.
Key Takeaway #4
Your creative process begins by understanding your unique strengths, interests, and POV. By tapping into your lifelong influences, you can build a creative process that is authentically you.
We connected

We learned that nothing gets done in this industry alone, we took time to collaborate, connect, and collage. New connections were sparked, ideas were born, and plans were made.
Key Takeaway #5
Fostering creativity is essential in this industry, and this is best achieved through collaboration and real connection. 
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