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It's another snowy Saturday here in Colorado and I have to admit, I'm ready for warmer temps. I don't mind hanging out at home and have zero plans to do anything all weekend. that requires leaving the house, but I miss warmer weather. 
Regardless of the weather, I don't plan on relocating to warmer climates…I love the mountains and with family here, this is home. 
But is it any wonder that I'm hoping Punxsutawney Phil was correct and we're getting an early Spring?
What about you? Are you a winter lover? Or another season?
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I'm still writing my One Weekend in Vegas story, but want to take this newsletter to share some book news of my bestie, Alina Lane.
Her book, All's Fair in Love and Leaderboards is $0.99 through February 5, 2024!
Grab this first book in her Phoenician series and fall in love with this romantic suspense, enemies to lovers happily ever after that includes exercise bikes and a passion for nut butter!
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Coming June 14, 2024…
It's one weekend…what could happen?
What to expect:
❤️ Rock star
❤️ Enemies with benefits…or are they?
❤️ Best friend's older brother
❤️ A big surprise
Preorder One Weekend in Vegas Now!
Are you ready for Bodyguard for the Beauty Queen?
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That's it from my corner of the world today! Stay warm (or cool depending on your weather)!
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