Weekly DiVa | Feb 4, 2024
How've you been? Solidly good week? I am imagining you saying yes, the week was solid. (I felt like I had to re-use “solid” because “solidly” was starting to not look like an actual word.) My week was less solid and more…liquid? No, that's not right. 
My week was mostly writing and watching movies. I've decided to get caught up and see some of those movies I've always wanted to see but never got around to, so this week ticked Blackboard Jungle, Hustle and Flow, Boyz in the Hood, and The Shawshank Redemption off my list. Let's just say there's also been some tears!
The count from my book one to book forty continues! I'm up to number seventeen, which will go live at 4:56 today. If you've missed out on a video for your favorite book or you just want to see what my hair looks like on any given day, you can access them all at https://dianevallere.com/the-big-40. Click any image (in color) on that page and you'll go to YouTube to watch. The gray images are not yet posted. 
If you missed my email a few days ago, GILT TRIP is currently on sale for $1.99! The sale is only through tomorrow, so if you're missing this one, or if you want to purchase for a friend, now's your time. Get it here!
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I included the first chapter of RANCH DRESSING in the back of GILT TRIP, but you can also read it on my website.
Apparently, I have a roommate. A moth. A well-fed moth. You can probably guess where this is going. 
The other day, I pulled out a purple sweater to wear in the video for PEARLS GONE WILD. During the day, I noticed--you guessed it!--a tiny little moth hole. And then two more. By filming time, I tried to hide it with pearls, which did not work, so I put my sweater on backward and did the video that way! Then I had a tender good-bye ceremony for the sweater. 
Yesterday, I pulled out a light blue sweater to wear in the video for DRESSED TO CONFESS. Guess what I discovered? Another moth hole! Now I am afraid to unfold all of my sweaters for fear that half of my wardrobe has been consumed. 
The most troubling aspect? I have never seen this moth! Also, I have cedar blocks all over my shelf, so this particular moth appears to be immune to regular moth-deterring measures! The audacity of it just stings. That moth just took what it wanted with no regard for me or my things. 
I mean, I know I haven't worn several of these sweaters for years. Some were too snug, some were second-hand and never my favorites. Some were just bad purchases that I kept because I felt guilty at having bought them. 
There's a lesson in here. Use it or lose it. Or maybe appreciate what we have. Possibly stop feeling guilty about past decisions. Any one of them fits, and they're all good reminders about life. 
Or maybe the lesson is to put my sweaters into a zipped plastic bag or move them to a cedar chest. I draw the line at moth balls. 

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