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We Love Our Patients!
February is American Heart Month, a time when all people are encouraged to focus on their cardiovascular health. One in every three deaths in the United States is related to cardiovascular disease. Every doctor will tell you the best defense against heart disease is regular physical activity. But what if pain or discomfort keeps you from getting the recommended amount? Consulting with a chiropractor or physical therapist can help. Regular adjustments or a physical therapy treatment plan can get your body feeling better, allowing you to move more, and keep your heart healthy.  

Self-Love: A Gift to Yourself this Valentine’s Day
by Dr. Lauren Block
Let’s face it—life is stressful! Many of us balance work, family, and friends on top of trying to stay physically and mentally healthy. But, in addition to caring for those around us, it is so important to make self-love a priority among all the craziness. By taking the time to care for us, we can better care for others in our lives. Here are a few easy ways to show yourself some self-love this month…

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New Screening Process Leading to Better Results
by Dr. Kristin Henry
At Schofield Chiropractic, we are always looking for the best way to take care of our patients in the most efficient, and individualized treatment plan. We have recently started using the Functional Movement Screen, developed by Gray Cook, MSPT. This screen is a quick tool for us to be able to identify movement impairments and help us better understand what patterns might be causing your impairments or pain.

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Join Us!
The Functional Movement Screen is a quick tool that identifies movement impairments to better understand what might be causing dysfunction or pain. Join our physical therapy team during leap week for a free 30-minute screening that can help prevent future injuries and get you on your way to living a better life. Contact us today to schedule!
Our Promise
Schofield Chiropractic Group is the Cedar Valley's most comprehensive choice for a conservative approach to total body wellness. When you choose us to be part of your healthcare team, it's our goal to help you achieve and maintain optimal health so you can live your best life.
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