Weekly DiVa | Feb 11, 2024
Good morning!
How are you? Gearing up for the big game? Or are you more of a kitten bowl type? I admit that at the beginning of this season I had hopes this Super Bowl would include a team wearing green, but maybe next year. At least there will be entertaining commercials!
I'm up to book #24 in my daily book count. I hope you've been enjoying the stories behind the stories! I'm calling this The Big 40, but it could just as easily be called The State of Diane's Hair. :)
If you've missed any of the videos, you can find them all here: https://dianevallere.com/the-big-40. Click any image (in color) on that page and you'll go to YouTube to watch. 
We are just sixteen days away from Samantha Kidd returning in RANCH DRESSING. Are you ready? You can now read chapter one of RANCH DRESSING on my website! Get the setup of Samantha and company heading off to a ranch, find out who she approaches to borrow clothes, and what's different about this trip. And cowboys. Get some cowboys! 
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Here's a free book from Karen McSpade. Click the cover to redeem. 
Going undercover just got complicated...
A Piper Sandstone Cozy Mystery Series: What could go wrong on her secret assignment? A lot, as it turns out...
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Hash Browns and Homicide, the prequel to the Savory Mystery Series, is a fun cozy mystery that will keep you turning pages late into the night as Piper races to prove herself and outsmart the bad guys. Includes Recipes!
I'm dragging a bit this morning. I was up late last night, putting the finishing touches on a story. Except the later it got, the less I liked the ending. It didn't seem wise to pour another cup of coffee at three a.m., so I decided to let my subconscious solve the problem while I slept. 
It didn't work. 
Every once in a while, my brain gets into these little traffic jams, when I've got more than one project happening at the same time, when it's like they're backed up because there's an accident or a closed road up ahead. But suddenly, miraculously, the cones are moved, the roads are opened, and the solutions appear as if by magic. 
I'm going to keep this part brief because I'm waiting for the magic, and, well, frankly I want to be ready to go when it strikes!

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