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I haven't budgeted in four years.
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So much shifted in how my husband and I manage our day-to-day lives with the onset of the pandemic. With both of us working from home for the majority of 2020, and even now, nearly four years later, the routines we once relied upon have undergone a significant transformation.
In the pandemic's early days, I embraced convenience with fervor. Whether it was restocking through Target deliveries, indulging in frequent Amazon purchases for every perceived enhancement to our lives, or relying on takeout and drive-through meals, my approach to managing our household expenses took a turn for the less disciplined. Looking back, I realize I had abandoned the meticulous budgeting habits I once maintained, avoiding accountability.
However, I've come to accept the importance of financial well-being as a crucial component of an organized life. I'm making a concerted effort to break these habits and unlearn these behaviors. It isn't easy, but I'm getting back to myself.

Here are some strategies that have proven helpful in my journey toward regaining control:
  1. No New Things: This challenge has been a cornerstone of my efforts to curb impulsive spending. By refraining from purchasing unnecessary items, I've been able to distinguish between genuine needs and mere wants in a world where online shopping has blurred such distinctions.
  2. Weekly Target Delivery: Adopting a once-a-week Target delivery routine has helped instill a sense of moderation and mindfulness in our household. It's also been a valuable lesson for our children in understanding that not every desire needs to be immediately gratified. 
  3. Monthly Amazon Orders: Inspired by my big sister's example, I've embraced a more deliberate approach to Amazon purchases. By limiting our orders to once a month, we've managed to rein in unnecessary expenses and prioritize thoughtful spending.

Additionally, I've recommitted to diligent expense tracking, utilizing Excel for weekly budget checkups. Engaging with financial influencers has also provided valuable insights and motivation.
Some of my favs are:
Do you have any budgeting tips? Let me know by replying to this email. 
In reclaiming control over our finances and lifestyle choices, I'm gradually rediscovering a sense of balance and self-awareness that the chaos of the pandemic had overshadowed.

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