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Last week Jo attended the Night Time Economy Summit where the industry luminaries to discuss the future of the Night Time Economy (NTE). The event was kicked off by Sacha Lord, the British co-creator of the renowned Parklife festival and The Warehouse Project, who also serves as the Night Time Economy Adviser for Greater Manchester. His opening remarks set the stage for a day of insightful discussions and valuable insights.
One of the highlights of the summit was Phillip Kolvin's address on stage one. Kolvin, the author of the NTIA Darkest before the Dawn Manifesto, is recognized as one of the country's leading licensing experts. His passionate advocacy for legislative changes aimed at supporting the survival of the NTE left a lasting impact on attendees. For those eager to delve deeper into his proposals, the manifesto serves as a comprehensive resource outlining key recommendations for policy reform.
The summit also featured an engaging session with Gok Wan, who shared his journey of becoming a DJ during the lockdown period. From starting out with minimal equipment and broadcasting on social media to performing at clubs across the UK, Wan's story resonated with many attendees, highlighting the resilience and adaptability within the industry.
Regional perspectives were also a key focus of the summit, with representatives from the Midlands and the North discussing their respective strategies for the future of the NTE. Insights shared during these discussions provided valuable benchmarks for other cities and regions looking to enhance their nighttime offerings.
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A breakout session led by Christian Slayer of the West Midlands delved into the importance of funding for data collection initiatives aimed at better understanding the NTE. The gathering emphasised the need for evidence-based decision-making and highlighted the potential impact of robust data on shaping future policies and initiatives.
The summit concluded with a discussion on nurturing home-grown talent within the NTE. Recognizing the vital role of local talent in driving the industry forward, participants explored strategies for supporting emerging artists and fostering a vibrant creative ecosystem.
Overall, the Night Time Economy Summit served as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation within the industry. By bringing together stakeholders from across the country, the event highlighted the collective efforts needed to ensure the resilience and vitality of the NTE in the face of evolving challenges and opportunities.


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