February News
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What was before FORGE? “Mid-South” was our pre-pandemic club name. We came out of the pandemic more strong. Much of the same Mid-South vibe is there - just amplified. 
What's Happening This month?
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Giving-Tip: Money is just one form of energy exchange. This energy is governed by a Board of Directors and members of committees that include people like you! Reach out to a Board Member if you'd like to donate time. 
Qualifying-Tip: Plan early! Qualifications for NEXT year start at the Regional level for Juniors and Cadets. Look for the term “RJCC” for Regional Junior and Cadet Circuit events later this spring. 
Camp Planning Tip: Kids can get “camp fatigue.” If possible schedule a week of shared unstructured childcare with friends or family so they will enter school and fencing in the fall refreshed and energized. 
Something for women and girls
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Advanced Summer Camp Planning Tip: We stronger encourage fencers to travel and train at other clubs. We love collaborators! For Athena a house has been reserved in Portland, Ore. This camp is part of Coach Jen's coach and leadership development initiative she has been working on through the ICECP (International Coaching Enrichment Certificate Program) in order to support women leaders in our sport. Coach Jen, Coach Cathleen and parent Vickie Miller serve on the WFencing Board of Directors. 
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Coach Jen
I am missing the club, but WOW y'all are looking awesome on The 'Gram. 
Looking forward to seeing you soon! 
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Don't forget!