Where do you spend your time?
Where do you invest your time?
Where do you spend your emotions? Where do you invest your emotions?
Where do you spend your money?
Where do you invest your money? 
Where do you spend your resources? Where do you invest your resources?
Let’s look at finances for a quick minute. Fast and unconscious spending usually falls into the “spending” category. Where discipline and sacrifice land in “investing”. We are a country built on consumption.. We are all living, breathing filters for advertising, AI, trends, and sales. One word…..AMAZON. (I removed the app from my phone and slashed my spending in half) It takes clarity, delayed gratification, and self discipline to invest instead of spend. The people who I admire the most financially, do not spend recklessly.
The same principle of spending and investing can be applied to much more meaningful aspects of our lives; health, relationships, parenting, marriage, and spirituality. Am I looking for fast and casual or do I have the foresight to slow down, take time, and build something meaningful? I have three daughters who have been the greatest blessing to me. (For the record, blessings are gifts that require work). Each is so different. In 2020, my oldest daughter was a freshman in high school. Through the years she and I had built quite a strained relationship. Since she was my oldest, I thought the fire and ice we had was normal. Through a rather painful experience I learned that she was struggling with her mental health. Mark and I were exhausted. God was good. Covid instantaneously cleared away all the distractions where my family was “spending” time and emotional energy. Family. Work. School. Church. Sports. Friends. Suddenly, we found our little family back in the nest. Guiding my daughter toward healing was time consuming. There was not ONE answer or therapy. There was nothing fast or casual about that experience. I wouldn’t trade any of it. As a family we reevaluated our currency and where we would invest.
Are there spots in your life where you keep “spending” and nothing changes? Maybe you are even in the red? That is great news! You know exactly where you need to invest! This is not an all or nothing. Pick one area and ask yourself questions? What is the emotional reason for spending? What would investing look or feel like? Share your desires with someone you trust and love. I am here for you. I believe in you and your efforts.

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"Look up and hold your space" is a principle of Wyld. It is not necessary to exert power or dominance over others, rather positively influence. Subtle. Curious. Strong.
It is really that simple. Your physiology CAN change how you show up, most importantly how you show up for yourself.

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