Dear MCSA Members,

We hope this message finds you well. Following a productive meeting held on Saturday, 17 February 2024, at Utopia with key stakeholders - including the MCSA, SAPS at Marikana, local farmers, and representatives from Utopia and MSP - significant updates have been made regarding our security situation and measures in the Buffelspoort Valley. We herewith share with you these critical updates and the adjustments to our security advisory for visiting our properties.
  • Robbery Cases Update: The Marikana SAPS station has made significant progress with arresting four individuals linked to some of the robbery cases through recovered stolen items. These suspects are currently detained and awaiting prosecution. We need to support SAPS by being cooperative in their investigations.
  • Community Policing Forum (CPF): An initiative to establish a CPF in the Buffelspoort Valley is well underway, with the MCSA being a key participant. This forum aims to enhance security coordination among all valley stakeholders. The constitution for this CPF will be finalised in our next meeting on 2 March.
  • Security Patrols: In response to recent dog poisoning incidents in the Castle Gorge area, armed patrols were conducted in the area, and successfully executed without incidents, thanks to the collaboration with the Johannesburg Hiking Club (JHC).
Tonquani Complex and Mhlabatini:
  • Remain vigilant.
  • Overnight stays are now permitted.
  • Restrictions on permits and the size of visitor groups have been lifted.
  • Continue with Weltrac professional security patrols for the time being.
  • Patrolling of the areas by MCSA members will be initiated.
Castle Gorge:
  • Please exercise heightened vigilance.
  • Prioritise larger groups for visits.
  • Overnight camping remains prohibited.
  • Weltrac Patrols will continue alongside the introduction of JHC member patrols.
Dome Pools and Grootkloof:
  • Maintain vigilance. Armed patrols will be visible from time to time.
  • Restrictions on permits and the size of visiting groups will be lifted.
  • MCSA member participation in patrolling these areas will be encouraged.
While some perpetrators of crime have been apprehended, the risk remains, especially at Castle Gorge, where the connection of the recently arrested suspects to the incidents remains under investigation. We advise members to stay cautious, especially those considering overnight visits to our club properties. Permit holders are welcome to visit the MCSA/JHC properties, but for your safety, we strongly recommend visiting in larger groups, particularly where parties include more vulnerable members. Assess your personal risk and make informed decisions regarding your visits.

The clubs will continue to support armed patrols of our properties with a high-risk profile and are developing a framework for member involvement in patrolling efforts. Your participation and vigilance are crucial in maintaining the safety of our properties and our mountain community.

For further details, volunteering for patrols, or any queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s stay safe, stay united, and continue to support each other in these challenging times.
Warm Regards,
The Security Workgroup
(MCSA Johannesburg, MCSA Magaliesberg, JHC)

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