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Feb. 16 - feb. 23
Neo-Nazis demonstrating outside the Tennessee State Capitol. Credit-X user JustinJPearson
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neo-nazi demonstrations
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Several neo-Nazi demonstrations occurred across the country on Saturday. Individuals associated with the Blood Tribe group deliberately marched through predominantly Black neighborhoods in Nashville during Black History Month. The demonstrators wore matching outfits and shouted antisemitic and xenophobic chants. In response, activists rallied in Nashville on Monday to stand up to hate and show solidarity with the Jewish community. 
Another neo-Nazi protest took place in Winter Park, Fla., where demonstrators held signs like “Jews Love Genocide” and a popular white supremacist slogan “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children,” known as “the 14 words." Meanwhile, demonstrators associated with the White Lives Matter group gathered in Sunbury, Pa. the same day, holding anti-immigrant and anti-DEI banners. 
Users posted in horror on social media, posing questions as to why these demonstrations are still occurring today. Many circulated photos and videos of the neo-Nazis to spread awareness, and others posted how these individuals are not welcome in their communities.

Nashville Tennessee
Christopher Pohlhaus
Carrying Swastika Flags

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international leaders
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Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva on Sunday compared Israel’s war against Hamas to Hitler and the Nazis' extermination of the Jews during the Holocaust. His comments quickly went viral on social media with many criticizing the speech, including major Jewish organizations in Brazil who called the comments “a perverse distortion of reality.” Others called out the president’s intentions of weaponizing the Holocaust to promote an unfounded antisemitic claim. 
South African Member of Parliament Ahmed Munzoor Shaik Emam accused the opposition Democratic Alliance political party of handing Cape Town to the “Zionists” due to their support for Israel following the October 7 attack. In his speech, he threatened that South Africa would not become a “Jewish state” and that if Cape Town was handed to the Jews it would be “a blood bath.” These comments were criticized by users on social media, especially in light of South Africa’s statements accusing Israel of committing genocide at the International Court of Justice. Other statements from South Africa’s leaders were shared on social media such as the government saying they will prosecute citizens who are fighting for Israel in the Israeli Defense Forces. 

Hitler did to the Jews
Israel is doing in Gaza
President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

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antisemitism on college campuses
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Over 1,000 antisemitic incidents occurred on college campuses since the October 7 attacks, according to an update on Monday shared by Hillel International. This marks a 700% increase compared to the same period the year before, resulting in 56% of Jewish college students feeling unwelcome on their campuses. 
An antisemitic cartoon went viral on social media after being posted by Harvard’s new Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine organization, gaining significant negative attention. The cartoon depicted a hand etched with the Star of David and a dollar sign holding a rope that looped around the necks of a Black and an Arab man. Harvard Interim President Alan Garber called the cartoon “flagrantly antisemitic” and the faculty group responsible later apologized for posting the cartoon. 
Users online were horrified that such an antisemitic cartoon was endorsed by faculty members who they expected would act like role models for their students. Many social media users condemned the faculty group for the cartoon and criticized Harvard’s administration for failing to combat antisemitism on its campus.

College campuses
Harvard faculty and staff
Harassment fueled

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City Council Meetings Interrupted by White Supremacists
Several city council meetings across the country faced antisemitic disruptions, including extremists spewing hateful rhetoric both in-person and online. A man attended a Walnut Creek, Calif. city council meeting Tuesday to perform a Nazi salute and threaten genocide against Jews. One council member apologized on behalf of the council to those who had to listen to the hateful remarks. 
In Massachusetts, an online Worcester City Council meeting faced disruptions from Goyim Defense League members Tuesday night. Worcester faced a similar disruption last month, and the city council of Framingham, Mass. also experienced a similar incident last week. 
Users online stood against the hateful rhetoric and expressed frustration that antisemitic disruptions are still a problem despite years of remote council meetings and online participants.
Star of David Compared to the Swastika
Comparisons of the Star of David to swastikas have been a theme on social media this past week. One viral post on X claimed that the Star of David should not be a symbol for Israel — just like the swastika, a previously peaceful symbol, was hijacked by the Nazi movement. Another post warned against letting the state of Israel turn the Star of David into a hate symbol like the Nazis did with the swastika. These posts received significant engagement, with many anti-Israel replies posting in agreement. Others decried the hateful rhetoric, calling the posts out as blatantly antisemitic.
Amy Winehouse
An Amy Winehouse statue was vandalized with a sticker picturing the Palestinian flag on Saturday. The sticker covered Winehouse’s Star of David necklace, hiding the deceased singer’s Jewish identity. Organizations such as the UK’s National Jewish Assembly and the American Jewish Committee denounced the incident and emphasized how many in the Jewish community are scared to showcase their Judaism publicly.
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