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I’m literally dying with excitement over here.
To FINALLY be able to get this course, The Life of And Academy, into your hands feels a bit like a foggy dream. Sam (my-keep-everything-moving-remembers-all-the-things-detail-extraordinaire) and I have been working the last 6 months to build the resource that will help you move away from chaos and feeling overwhelmed- and into a life of intention and peace.
It’s here. And we can’t wait to have you experience it and give us your feedback. What helps? What do you want more of? Where do we need to be more clear?
Because this is our beta group: we are giving a $500 one-time-only discount. And we are limiting the group to only 50 participants to make sure we can support you as you go through the course.
We have over 100 on the waitlist now and will give 2-day priority access to anyone on that list. So - if you haven’t joined the waitlist and are interested- DO IT NOW
In the next few weeks, we will send a link to purchase the course and you’ll get a 2 day head start if you're on the waitlist.

Life of And Academy Dets
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Inside the Life of And Academy you’ll get:
  • LEARN THE OWN THE ORDINARY SYSTEM, a 4-step process to solve the biggest issues in your home
  • KNOW YOUR (UN)BALANCED CHARACTER and what brings you (and your love) closer to your personal definition of balance
  • CREATE SYSTEMS THAT MAKE YOU THE COO OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD so you can scale as your home increases in complexity
  • PERSONAL SUPPORT from me. I’ll be doing weekly group calls to help you solve in new ways and get a deeper understanding of the systems
I so hope you will join me!

Feed yo-self & feed yo crew
Now at Costco ✌🏼 Kodiak Protein Ball Mix
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If you haven’t filled your pantry yet with this quick-no-bake yummy protein ball mix, you’re missing out. Breakfast, before practice snack, after school, or to chase away the hunger pangs that always accompany bedtime with my 3yo. These are on hard repeat at the Sauder house.

Working Mom Truths
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I recently spoke to a group of 150 working women, I shared with them 6 Truths that I thought might help you too:
  1. Balance is not a function of time, it’s when your priorities and values are aligned
  2. Guilt is a guide, not a mandate (more)
  3. Knowing who you are and what you want are not selfish - they are the most generous questions you can answer
  4. Instead of doing the most, you’ll be better served by clearly defined minimums that will make life sustainable (more)
  5. It’s impossible to show love without attention (more)
  6. The people in your life will share what they need from you - but you have to remember to ask. Don’t wear yourself out guessing.
I talk in more detail and share the audience's questions in this recent episode of Scared Confident. Listen in!
Have questions of your own? Send them over. They may just show up on my next episode. 

Cheers to doing the hard stuff and building your Life of And,
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