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“Leap Year: Because who doesn’t want an extra day to procrastinate?”
(or listen to another book…)
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Narrated by Aria Holland & Elliot Matthews
Narrated by Grayson Owens & Angelina Rocca
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SFN: What inspired you to record audiobooks?
AH: When I was little we weren’t allowed to watch TV at all. But my parents would get us “books on tape,” back when they were still on cassettes. I would listen to them until the tape wore out. I would memorize and retell them to my family. Because of that my parents introduced me to the theatre. After years on stage, I found my way back to audiobooks and it was like coming home.
SFN: Do you remember your first? (audiobook, that is!)
AH: Hah! Yes. Yes I do. For ages I would have sworn it was 16 plus hours because it took me so long to record. But I went back and looked, and it was only 6 hrs. Lol. It was a memoir about a woman’s last year with her mother, as her mother was dying of cancer, so it was pretty heavy stuff.
SFN: Could you please tell us how you prepare to voice a character that is written with a dialect or accent that is new to you?
AH: Accents were something I specialized in when I was studying theatre. I have always picked them up pretty easily just by listening. I have a coach that I turn to when I need to learn something new quickly. He is an accent master, and he is able to break down the accent into a few key vowel and consonant adjustments. I also listen to anything I can get my hands on with native speakers, like interviews, presentations etc.
SFN: What or who inspires you as an artist?
AH: Sharing stories, helping audiences connect to stories is my purpose. It is what brings me joy. Storytelling is one of the most lasting forms of learning and sharing our humanity. Stories that make you feel something, anything, are worth sharing.
SFN: What's the oddest object in your booth? (If you answer this, please send or upload a photo of it!)
AH: lol. For Christmas my daughter got me a “dancing Jesus”. It’s like a bobble head. If I bump my desk, it dances.
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