Empowering Women to Prioritize Mental and Physical Health
Women's History Month

Honoring Women's History Month: 
Women's History Month is a time to reflect on the countless contributions women have made to society, from the suffragette movement to advancements in science, art, and beyond. It's a reminder of the strength, resilience, and power that women possess, and the importance of acknowledging and celebrating their accomplishments.
Raising Awareness for Colorectal Cancer: 
March also marks Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, a time to shine a spotlight on the importance of early detection and prevention of this deadly disease. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in both men and women, and yet it is highly preventable and treatable with early detection through screening tests.
The Connection Between Mental and Physical Health: 
At the heart of both Women's History Month and Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month lies a crucial message: the importance of prioritizing both mental and physical health. Research has shown that mental health and physical health are deeply interconnected. When we neglect our mental well-being, it can have profound consequences on our physical health.

Honoring Donna's Legacy
This month, I want to honor the memory of my sister, Donna, who was a woman of immense beauty, power, and love. I am the woman I am today from the impact she has had on my life.
Donna tragically lost her life to colon cancer, a stark reminder of the importance of prioritizing both mental and physical health. In her memory, let us commit to taking care of ourselves holistically, nurturing our minds and bodies with compassion and intention.
4/14/1963 - 3/24/2022

Join the Conversation
I invite you to join the conversation this month as we celebrate Women's History Month and raise awareness for colorectal cancer. Share your stories, your struggles, and your triumphs. Let's support and uplift one another as we strive to prioritize our mental and physical health.
Together, we can honor the legacy of remarkable women like Donna and empower ourselves to lead healthier, happier lives.
Let's Continue to Heal Together,
with love
Isoke Baptiste